Sangha Services

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    Dana Works: The Dharma Seed Archival Center Paid Member

    "How many people go to work every day with the goal of contributing to the ending of suffering in the world?" asks Judy Phillips, the director of the Dharma Seed Archival Center. "We're just a little place, but that's what we're doing." Dharma Seed began in 1983 when a volunteer at Insight Meditation Center (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts, began taping the dharma talks and meditation instructions offered there. His small project soon grew into a separate nonprofit organization, and Dharma Seed Tape Library began to spread the seeds of the dharma to the world by selling audiotapes of teachings. The original mission was simply to "preserve and share the dharma," which Dharma Seed continues to do today—with one critical change: The teachings are now offered based on the principle of dana, or the Buddhist practice of generosity. More »
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    Nalanda For The Information Age Paid Member

    In the Fifth Century C.E., Buddhist scholars from around the world trekked vast distances to attend Nalanda University, where they studied logic, medicine, astronomy, and classical texts. Today, that journey can be accomplished with the swish of a wrist across a mousepad. More »
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    Dhamma Works: The Pariyatti Book Service Paid Member

    In just a few years, Pariyatti Book Service has become North America's leading source of books for students of the Theravadan tradition.Located in a small house at the north end of Seattle, Washington, Pariyatti carries an inventory of nine hundred Theravadan titles, most of which its staff keeps in stock at all times. About 95 percent of the bookstore's sales are made through its website and catalog, with only a small percentage coming from local walk-in customers, says Pariyatti's founder, Rick Crutcher. More »