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    Pictures Worth a Thousand Words Paid Member

    The Buddha and Buddhist culture have inspired centuries of artists and, more recently, photographers. Buddha (Welcome Books, 2003, $29.95 cloth) contains 155 color photographs by Jon Ortner, from the giant gold Maha Muni Buddha in Mandalay—said to be the only image of Gautama made in his lifetime—to a fourteenth-century Siamese stone Buddha head ensnared in the roots of a bodhi tree. The satin-bound gift book includes informative captions, sayings of the Buddha, and an introduction by Vipassana teacher Jack Kornfield, a former Thai monk. More »
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    History and Truth Paid Member

    The House of WidowsAskold MelnyczukSt. Paul, MN: Graywolf Press, 2008256 pp.; $16.00 (paper)History’s neither a searchlight nor a camera: it’s a flickering candle we use to read the marks on the wall as we crawl from that cave where only shadows of images play. —Askold MelnyczukMore »
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    Unplug Yourself Paid Member

    MEDITATION MAY BE our last, best refuge from iPhones, Treos, iPods—and our overscheduled lives. Now Vipassana teacher Sharon Salzberg has come up with a way we can slow down, ditch our electronic gadgets—temporarily, at least—and go on retreat without leaving home. Unplug, her new interactive kit (Sounds True, 2008, $26.95), provides everything you need to visit your “inner Wyoming” (that place of “peace, spaciousness, clarity, and freedom that exists within each of us”) for a restorative hour or day or weekend.More »
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    La-La Dharma Paid Member

    Memorial Bruce Wagner New York: Simon & Schuster, 2006 507 pp.; $26.00 (cloth) More »
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    Books in Brief Paid Member

    Outrider Anne Waldman La Alameda Press, 2006 178 pp.; $18.00 (paper) "Outrider is a line of demarcation. It's words-obsession for the honor, dignity of a mind ill at ease, restless, jumping from desk to orally standing-at-attention, examining itself. A maker of poetry." This is Anne Waldman's first of many descriptions of the poetic Outrider tradition celebrated in this collection of poems, essays, and interviews. Outrider is a term she adopted in 1974 to capture the spirit of the poetry program she founded with Allen Ginsberg at Naropa University; for Waldman, Outrider is a lineage that extends back to Walt Whitman and includes all of those American poets who resisted the trends of the day in search of something new. More »
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    The Shadow Knows Paid Member

    View the print version of this article in PDF format Kagemusha: The Shadow Warrior Akira Kurosawa, Director The Criterion Collection $39.95; DVD More »