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    Perfecting Folk Paid Member

    COMMENTARIES ON PERFECTIONS OF THE HEART EVE DECKER, 2006 $16.00 (CD) THE FREIGHT AND SALVAGE is the oldest acoustic music club west of the Mississippi, but when the MC introduced the headliner, she was a bit baffled. “We’ve been presenting the best in acoustic and traditional music since 1968,” she said. “But what you’re going to see tonight isn’t acoustic, and it isn’t traditional—I don’t know what to call it.” The audience helped her out, shouting in unison: “Dharma folk!” More »
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    Hard-boiled Buddha Paid Member

    Bangkok Hauntsby John BurdettNew York: Knopf, 2007 320 pp.; $24.95 (cloth) More »
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    Some of the Dharma Paid Member

    Some of the DharmaJack KerouacViking: New York, 1997420 pp., $32.95 (cloth) More »
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    Books Paid Member

    The Green Buddha Christopher Titmuss Insight Books: Totnes, UK, 1995. 299 pp., $18.00 (paper). Allan Hunt Badiner One might be surprised that the restless and fervent voice of Christopher Titmuss in“The Green Buddha”belongs to a former Buddhist monk and a world-renowned meditation teacher, as well as a Green activist. Titmuss’ fundamental tenet, that “the root problem is a spiritual one,” will get no argument from anyone who is looking deeply at the vast array of interconnected problems facing� More »
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    Books, Music, Film, Mixed Media Paid Member

    Heal Thy SelfLessons in Mindfulness in MedicineSaki SantorelliCrown: New York, 1999288 pp.; $23 (paper) — Lotus in the Fire:The Healing Power of ZenJim BedardShambhala: Boston, 1999TK pp.; $14.95 (paper) At least two major surveys over the past two years—one by Gallup and the other by Yankelovich—have shown that those who are dying rate spiritual issues of crucial concern. Further, they have a great desire to pray, which Gallup researchers say translates into either traditional prayer or meditation. Astoundingly, given how secular a society we are touted to be, these patients also want their doctors to pray with them. More »
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    Illuminating Music Paid Member

    AMA YUNGCHEN LHAMO Real World Records, 2006 $18.99 (CD) TIBETAN VOCALIST Yungchen Lhamo grew up in Chinese-occupied Lhasa, where singing ritual music was punishable by beating or death. Despite the danger, her grandmother insisted on teaching her the devotional songs of Tibet in clandestine music lessons. Now, three decades removed and exiled from her homeland after a tortuous one-thousand-mile trek across the Himalayas to India in 1989, she has become the world’s most renowned interpreter of Tibetan folk music. This reputation is sure to be upheld by this year’s Ama, her third release on Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. More »