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    Buddhism Betrayed? Religion, Politics, and Violence in Sri Lanka Paid Member

    Buddhism Betrayed? Religion, Politics, and Violence in Sri Lanka Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah University of Chicago Press: Chicago, 1992. 238 pp. $14.95 (paperback).   More »
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    Zen Buddhism in the 20th Century Paid Member

    ZEN BUDDHISM IN THE 20TH CENTURYBy Heinrich Dumoulin.Weatherhill: New York and Tokyo, 1992.167 pp. $14.95 (paperback). Dumoulin, a German scholar, is best known in America for his incarnation being the two volume Zen Buddhism: A History (Macmillan: 1988). Their comprehensiveness and scholarly accuracy (rather than innovative analysis) have made them staple resources for students of Zen. More »
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    Books in Brief Fall 2014 Paid Member

    The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali (Princeton University Press, June 2014, $24.95, 288 pp., cloth) undertakes an exhaustive, scholarly history of the titular work of ancient Indian philosophy, lightened by author David Gordon White’s provocative wit. White begins in disbelief over why many modern-day yoga teacher training courses require students to study the sutra. “This [phenomenon] is curious to say the least,” he observes, “given the fact that the Yoga Sutra is as relevant to yoga as it is taught and practiced today as understanding the workings of a combustion engine is to driving a car.” White's early remark will dispel any reader’s expectation of mundane scholarship. More »
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    Broken Buddhas Paid Member

    California-based artist Matthew Monahan makes figurative sculptures that are at once heroic and shapeshifting, futuristic and art-historical. They evoke art of the past and art of other cultures, including Buddhist ones. Here, he talks about his work and his recent exhibition at Anton Kern Gallery in New York. More »
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    Divine Play Paid Member

    Vara: A BlessingDirected by Khyentse NorbuProduced by Nanette NelmsReleased October 3, 201396 minutes More »
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    Money and the Meaning of Life Paid Member

    Money and the Meaning of LifeBy Jacob Needleman. Doubleday: New York, 1991. 321 pp. $20.00 (hardcover). "Tether your camel, then talk of God," goes the old desert saying. Perhaps you know people who could use that advice—people who are afraid of the marketplace and find it distasteful. They are uneasy with its compromises and distracted by its excesses. They disparage their "day job," and, as a result, they do not roll well with the punches of the material world. Other people, actively involved in the marketplace, have rip-roaring careers; they seem to make a living with their left hand while they have fun with their right. And then there are those who say there are only two things worth making—money and a soul. More »