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    Three Lives: The Buckshot Bodhisattva Paid Member

    In the tiny western Colorado town of Paonia, a weekly Buddhist meditation circle includes a carpenter, an editor, a metal worker, a photographer, and as it so happens, the father of conservation biology. When the meditation periods conclude, it is the biologist who often asks, only half in jest, "Did anyone get enlightened)" Even in the pursuit of nonself, Michael Soulé can't entirely escape his ambition, which has driven him all his life. More »
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    Three Lives: Intro Paid Member

    In the following section, three lives cross the Buddha's path in unexpected ways: an ex-outlaw biker takes refuge; a septugenarian cabaret dancer ponders death; and a rifle-toting biologist views the dharma through his crosshairs. More »
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    Three Lives: Dancing on the Edge of Existence Paid Member

    At the age of seventy-four, I find myself increasingly preoccupied with thoughts of approaching old age and death. It seems that almost every morning when I scan the obituary page of the New York Times, I find that more than half of those who died the previous day were my age or younger. I feel lucky in a way. When I go out for my morning run along the shores of the Hudson River, I think of today as an “extra” day, one I did nothing special to deserve and have no reason to expect. But there it is, a gift, not to be wasted. More »
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    Embracing Everything Paid Member

    Trudi Jinpu Hirsch is a Zen priest and a chaplain. For many years she was a professional ballet dancer, and she holds the grace of her training in the ease and animation of her movements. Yet there is an inchoate tension to her presence, a feeling of opposites pulling apart or trying to come together, a dancer's yearning for flight tempered by a sobering gravity. Hirsch's life, through dance and spiritual practice, has been a struggle to balance these two apparent extremes. More »
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    In the Mix Paid Member

    THERE ARE TWO KlNDS of actors: icons and transformers. A transformer is somebody like Dustin Hoffman, Vanessa Redgrave or Robert DeNiro who completely loses himself in his character. An icon reflects one side of his character that audiences like to identify with: Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's a real career decision, because while audiences may respect you as a transformer, they will never love you—they will never clutch you to their bosoms. More »
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    Lost Legacy Paid Member

    Enthronement Ceremony of Khado Rinpoche at age 3 TENZIN NORBU NAMSELING, the sixth Khado Rinpoche, is the son of Namseling, as aristocrat and finance minister of the former Tibetan government. In 1958, the elder Namseling was sent to the south of Tibet to negotiate with the Khampas, or Tibetan resistance fighters, but joined them instead. After helping safeguard the Dalai Lama on his passage from Tibet to India in the historic 1959 escape, Namseling went to Sikkim, where he passed away in 1973. More »