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    Akase padam natthi, samano natthi bahire,  Papancabhirata paja, nippapanca tathagata. There are no footprints in the sky; You won’t find the sage out there. The world delights in conceptual proliferation (papanca). Buddhas delight in the ending of that (nippapanca). Akase padam natthi, samano natthi bahire, Sankhara sassatta natthi, natthi buddhanam injitam. There are no footprints in the sky; You won’t find the sage out there. There are no eternal conditioned things.  Buddhas never waver. More »
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    Soothing the Hot Coals of Rage Paid Member

    Meditation soothes the hot coals of inner rage and helps us suffer less. Through meditation, we teach the mind to ride the energies of rage without battle so that we become aware of what we deeply know and need in order to heal. When we meditate, we are training the mind to stop feeding a pain pattern—our disguises of rage that have been conditioned by how we’ve been touched by life’s challenges. More »
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    The Way of Ryokan Paid Member

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    The Good Shepherd Paid Member

    I want to discuss meditation. This is because meditation provides the essential tool for all our practices, including the ngondro practices [the foundation practices of Tibetan Buddhism], and because nowadays meditation means different things to different people. In order to establish a common understanding, I want to recount one of my own earliest introductions to meditation. More »
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    Forget Happiness Paid Member

    The happiness of the three worlds disappears in a moment,Like a dewdrop on a blade of grass.The highest level of freedom is one that never changes.Aim for this—this is the practice of a bodhisattva. The pursuit of happiness for its own sake is a fool’s errand. As a goal it is frivolous and unrealistic—frivolous because happiness is a transient state dependent on many conditions, and unrealistic because life is unpredictable and pain may arise at any time. More »
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    Skillful Effort Paid Member

    Some dharma teachers may be reluctant to encourage students to make strong effort. The Buddha, however, wasn’t at all shy about urging his disciples to do so. In doing so, he often explained to his followers that he was exhorting them because he had compassion for them, because he wanted them to find an end to suffering. More »