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    After Ikkyu Paid Member

    for Jack Turner 1. Our minds buzz like beesbut not the bees' minds.It's just wings not heartthey say, moving to another flower.  2. The well pit is beneath where the pumpshed burnedyears ago with a living roar, a fire lion. Down in the pit, charred timbers, green grass, one burdock,a vernal pool where frogs live trapped in a universe. More »
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    The Design of Poetry Paid Member

    Epigraph Poetry The Mosquito's Nightsong Haiku More »
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    Hags, Nuns, and Magpie Scholars Paid Member

    THERIGATHA POEMS OF THE SISTERSPoets are magpie scholars. More »
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    Zen and the Art of Dance Paid Member

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    Monkey Business Paid Member

    I PAINT THESE MONKEYS with a brush and hand-ground Chinese ink. What began as a response to the death of a friend has become something I lean on, just as I depend on the alphabet to be there when I want to write.I found the paintbrush when I was working on my novel Cruddy, getting nowhere because I was trying to write it on a computer. The problem with writing on a computer was that I could delete anything I felt unsure about. This meant that a sentence was gone before I even had a chance to see what it was trying to become. More »
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    A Buddha in the Woodpile Paid Member

    A Buddha in the Woodpile lf there had been only one Buddhist in the woodpile In Waco Texas to teach us how to sit still one saffron Buddhist in the back rooms just one Tibetan lama just one Taoist just one Zen just one Thomas Merton Trappist just one saint in the wilderness of Waco USA If there had been only one calm little Gandhi in a white sheet or suit one not-so-silent partner who at the last moment shouted Wait More »