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    Zen for Cats Paid Member

    Reprinted with permission of Villard Books, a division of Random House, Inc. More »
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    Buddha Book Paid Member

    Buddha Book presents full-color depictions of the Buddha both East and West, classic and contemporary, with an introduction by Robert A. F. Thurman. Newly released from Chronicle Books, in association with Tricycle, the Buddha Book is an invitation to contemplate the changing face of enlightenment. More »
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    Legends from Camp Paid Member

    A Nice Place Outside the rest home,resting in hiswheelchair in the shade, my father said:“This is a nice place”– and I couldn’t tellif he meant the rest home in general,the shady spacewith the birdschirping,fountainflowing,springbreezes blowing, or the world. Grandmother For Grandmother Mijiu Inada, Yoshiko Saito Except for the fact that Grandmother taught mechopsticks;and Japanese before forks and English,my relationship with her wasn’t all that much. As a matter of fact, Grandmother, with her old-fashioned ways, was actually somewhat of an extra-vagant source of confusion and distraction. For example, just to waste time on a rainy dayin a boring barrack-room in our ordinaryconcentration camp in Arkansas, She’d say: More »
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    Photos for Rato Paid Member

    Before Nicholas Vreeland became the first Western abbot of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, he was many things: an assistant to the photographer Irving Penn; a Tibetan monk; a recipient of a geshe degree. He has longest been, however, a photographer. When Vreeland held his first camera, he was a lonely teen in boarding school. These days, he takes portraits of the Dalai Lama. As a photographer, Vreeland says, “I try to keep in mind the fact that there is no inherently existent harmonious quality to a photograph. Once you begin to explore that, then the taking of a photograph becomes part of the practice of exploring and becoming familiar with the whole notion of emptiness.” More »
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    Cooking for the Buddha Paid Member

    © Neal Crosbie 1998 More »