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    Four Simple Tips for Living a Buddhist Life Paid Member

    1. Gather MeritWhatever the circumstance may be, there is a difference between people who gather merit (or positivity) and those who do not. What do I mean by gathering merit? First, it is to be able to cultivate compassion; to have an altruistic motivation and to do things to benefit others. It is to help people in an appropriate way, such as giving advice, and likewise to be generous and disciplined and to develop patience—to develop these kinds of qualities and do things with a pure, sincere wish to help. More »
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    The Four Immeasurables Paid Member

    Buddhism teaches that there is no such thing as the self as we think we know it: a separate, bounded self, strictly cordoned off from what is “other.” When we are freed from the reactive patterns sprung from the boundaries we live by—good and bad; love and hate—we are not the self we were before. And when the boundaries themselves dissolve, self as we understand it disappears. More »
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    Parting from the Four Attachments Paid Member

    It is always wonderful to see people coming to Buddhism, but it’s just as sad to see how many lose their way, become disillusioned, and abandon it. My own lamas have frequently mentioned to me how surprised they are by the number of Western students who fall away. Of course, one must acknowledge that the supportive social environment that exists in Asian Buddhist cultures is not present here in North America or Europe, where there is no prevailing consensus or expectation that will keep people within the Buddhist fold. More »
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    Taking Flight Paid Member

    Whether you’re Buddhist, Christian, atheist, or anything in between, you take part in one of nature’s most amazing experiences: you dream. Dreams have fascinated us since the beginning of time. They have always been a part of humanity’s story, guiding us in nearly every field of endeavor. They have been studied, worshipped, and practiced by nearly every culture throughout history. In modern times, dreams have been responsible for at least two Nobel Prizes, incredible scientific breakthroughs, invaluable inventions, novels, works of art, and many other discoveries. More »
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    Thoughts Are Not the Enemy Paid Member

    Here is what I have come to believe: Just being aware of thoughts in meditation is not enough. We also need to explore the thoughts and emotions that arise within our meditation sittings. While meditating, you might recall, for instance, how you were thinking about a character flaw, such as “talking too much about yourself.” Your uncomplicated reflection leaves you feeling awful about this flaw and wanting to take some kind of action, such as pursuing a program of self-improvement. What if, when it comes up in your meditation sitting, instead of trying to get rid of it or figure out what to do about it, you start exploring the nature of this supposed flaw?  More »