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    Borobudur Survives Quake Paid Member

    The famed Buddhist stupa Borobudur has survived the Indonesian earthquake of May 27th, but 5700 people, at last count, did not.More »
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    Brain researchers fight to cancel Dalai Lama’s lecture Paid Member

    Are the protesters just pro-Chinese are is the Dalai Lama pedaling unsubstantiated research?More »
  • In the News: Summer 1995 Paid Member

    On March 3 a Vietnamese Buddhist monk was stabbed to death by a homeless man whom he had taken into his temple in Philadelphia. Thich Hanh Man, 43, had served only three months as resident monk at Philadelphia’s first Vietnamese Buddhist temple when the attack occurred. Though other members of the temple had warned him about Lan-Ngoc Nguyen, a Vietnamese homeless man whose past, they said, included arrests and a history of mental illness, Man felt that it was his duty as a monk to offer help. Police said they saw evidence of a struggle in the temple kitchen. Members of the temple who knew Man, however, said that the turned-over tables and chairs were evidence not of a fight, but of a chase. Man, they said, who outweighed his attacker by twenty pounds, would have been trying to escape when he was stabbed nine times. More »
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    Is Buddhism Sick in Sikkim? Paid Member

    Buddhism dominated the religious landscape of Sikkim for more than a millennium, but its influence may be on the wane.More »
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    More Chaos in Southern Thailand Paid Member

    Terror attacks and apparent retribution for the same continue to disrupt life in southern Thailand. The Thai government has condemned the violence and attempted to institute a curfew. The previous government had take a more hard-line approach to dealing with the terrorism, while the current regime is trying to be more conciliatory. � More »
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    A Middle Way for Science Paid Member

    B. Allan Wallace, President of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies, joins the debate surrounding the Dalai Lama's upcoming lecture to the Society for Neuroscience.More »