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    The Teacher Within Paid Member

    The women in my family are not meditators or deep breathers. They are not contemplative types. They are walkers. My sixty-nine-year-old mother traipses several miles a day through town, rain or shine; her seventy-five-year-old sister thinks nothing of hiking over the hills to view a promising sunset. My grandmother, of hearty Russian stock, would visit when I was a girl, and even stumping from toy store to library to park, shooing away oncoming cars with her cane, she still managed to stay a few steps ahead of me. More »
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    The View From Above Paid Member

    We sometimes speak of losing perspective: overstretched, overburdened, we find ourselves lashing out at a loved one, letting slip a snide remark that we immediately regret. Or else, caught up in our own challenges, we lose awareness of other people’s lives, and of the world. There is a passage in Plato’s Phaedrus that describes how the perfect soul “soars upward and brings order to the whole world.” It describes a way of restoring perspective: if we imaginatively rise above our experience and look down from above, we see ourselves within a much wider frame—and find order in the world. More »