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    Letters to the Editor Winter 2014 Paid Member

    Gross National UnhappinessMadeline Drexler’s article “The Happiness Metric” (Fall 2014) on measuring Gross National Happiness in Bhutan, like most articles of its ilk, glossed over the plight of the Hindu (ethnic Nepali) refugees. Most Bhutanese articles do not mention them at all. Ms. Drexler dedicated exactly one paragraph to them. This is woefully inadequate. More »
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    Lama Drama More »
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    Letters to the Editor Fall 2014 Paid Member

    Dharma for the 1%I think there was either an error at your printer or Tricycle is really trying to stretch my mind. More »
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    Letters to the Editor Summer 2014 Paid Member

    The Hard TruthsThank you for Mary Talbot’s beautiful reflection on parenting (“The Dismay of Motherhood,” Spring 2014), which came to me at a much-needed moment. Her insights are extremely helpful in identifying, and then understanding, how much falseness is built up around parenting, how damaging that falseness can be, and how important the hard truths of life and death really are. If we can see and come to terms with samvega and its many daily and lesser manifestations, our parenting will be better. Or so I hope! More »
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    Letters to the Editor Spring 2014 Paid Member

    A Slice of Humble PieThank you for Amie Barrodale’s article “La Pala” (Winter 2013). It reminded me of a passage from a book by Iris Murdoch, A Word Child: “Nothing humbles human pride more than inability to understand a language. It’s a perfect image of spiritual limitation. The cleverest man looks a fool if he can’t speak a language properly. . . . [God] wanted us to see that goodness is a foreign language.”—Lesley WoodwardRocky River, OH More »