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    Is Mindfulness a Religion? Paid Member

    It is easy to imagine the benefits of a Buddhist police force: wiser, cooler heads to keep the peace in America’s embattled streets, or perhaps a kinder, gentler traffic cop. But in Madison, Wisconsin, police captain Cheri Maples argues that the most compelling reason to teach police officers the Buddhist practice of mindfulness is to better equip them to deal with the emotional and mental stress that comes with the job. More »
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    A Monk Goes To Washington Paid Member

    At the conclusion of his U.S. tour in September, Thich Nhat Hanh traveled to Washington, DC, where he spoke with members of Congress and held a three-day retreat. In the packed auditorium of the Library of Congress, he offered some valuable, if challenging, advice for the gathered politicos: Voting along party lines, he said, would not lead to good policy; politicians must instead listen to their inner wisdom in order to vote wisely. (Tell that to the House Whip.) He also stressed the importance of listening to views of others, treating them not as opponents but as people with differing opinions. More »