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    The Day After You Die Paid Member

    Even if resembling, while alive, the    children of the gods,Once dead they are more frightful than a    demon horde;People of Tingri, you’ve been deceived by    these illusory bodies. More »
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    Live A Little Paid Member

    Your first step is to understand that life is suffering. A shitload of suffering. Now comes the fun part! Do the things that make you happy. Eat that whole cheesecake. Get ridiculously drunk on a weeknight. Forget what others think of you. At the end of the day, do they wash this body of yours? All your nooks and all your crannies? Do they have any idea about the burdens of life that you wake to? How could they possibly begin to understand what goes on under your folds of skin. You are the one and only, the best. More »
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    Erotic Poetry by the Sixth Dalai Lama Paid Member

    Before a great lama,I asked for holy help.No good—though thoughts delayed,They slipped back to my love. Meditating—in mind,No lama’s face appears.Unbidden, lover’s faceIn mind, so clearly clear. With thoughts on religionThat were ever for her,One lifetime, one body—I become a Buddha! From Songs of Love, Poems of Sadness: The Erotic Verse of the Sixth Dalai Lama, © 2004 by Paul Williams. Published with permission of I. B. Taurus. Image: Dalai Lama VI, Tsangyang Gyatso, Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton, Courtesy of the Rubin Museum of Art More »
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    If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say... Paid Member

    In one of Luang Pu’s branch meditation monasteries there lived a group of five or six monks who wanted to be especially strict in their practice, so they made a vow not to talk throughout the Rains Retreat. In other words, no word would come out of their mouths except for the daily chanting and the bi-weekly Patimokkha chant. After the end of the Rains they came to pay their respects to Luang Pu and told him of their strict practice: In addition to their other duties, they were also able to stop speaking for the entire Rains. Luang Pu smiled a bit and said: More »
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    Do You Have Faith? Paid Member

    1. Do you believe that a particular religious tradition holds accurate knowledge of the ultimate nature of reality and the purpose of human life? 2. Do you believe that some thinking being consciously made the universe? 3. Is there an identifiable force coursing through the universe, holding it together, or uniting all life-forms? 4. Could prayer be in any way effective, that is, do you believe that such a being or force (as posited above) could ever be responsive to your thoughts or words? 5. Do you believe this being or force can think or speak? More »
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    A Blessing For Eddie J. Paid Member

    An entry from an online journal by Jotipalo Bhikkhu on his walking pilgrimage from New Orleans to the Arrow River Forest Hermitage in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Jotipalo, a Buddhist monk, and fellow pilgrim Austin Stewart find some Christian faith in Mississippi. Day 14: We got onto Highway 467 this morning and we noticed two middle-aged men outside their house, working on their car. They called out, “Good morning.” We responded, “Good morning.” One of them looked at us quizzically—especially at our backpacks. “Were you out in that storm last night?” he asked. “Yeah.” “Man, that must have been terrible,” he said. “Ah, it wasn’t so bad,” I called back. “Yeah, it was,” he said. More »