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    He Ruled His Kingdom Paid Member

    Go Jump into the PoolHis Holiness the Sixteenth Karmapa was invited to Washington, D.C., in 1976, where he was the honored guest of Senator Charles Percy. At that time the Illinois senator was busy introducing the energy conservation bill on Capitol Hill, a major undertaking that occupied much of his time.The Karmapa’s entourage stayed at the Percy mansion. Every morning Senator Percy would emerge to find that the Karmapa, who slept two or three hours a night, if at all, was already well into his day. And each morning His Holiness would always tell him: “Senator, go jump into the pool!” More »
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    The Space Between Paid Member

    Our brain drug cleft the young woman in two. The left-brain version of Naomi was different from the right. Ms. Left-brain was talkative and cheerful. Ms. Right-brain was unsettled, mute, morose. When the words finally broke through, she hadn’t a clue where she was. “What the fuck am I doing here?” I’ve never heard Ms. Left-brain swear. Afterward, when the drug wore off, Ms. Left-brain spoke for the whole person. “It was a breeze,” she said. There was no recollection of Ms. Right-brain’s discomfort. It had been edited out of the story. More »
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    Buddha Buzz Spring 2005 Paid Member

    Don’t Mess with JizoLitter was becoming a major problem in the Japanese town of Nagato last year, as tourists passing through to nearby ski resorts threw their garbage wherever they parked. Finally, officials hit on a unique solution: the town placed statues of the popular bodhisattva Jizo, patron of travelers and children, at parking spaces around Nagato. Trash levels subsequently dropped to near zero. As one reformed litterbug explained, “I can’t drop litter now, not with the statue looking at me.” More »
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    Ryokan Revisited Paid Member

    TWO POEMS FOR MY FRIEND BOSAI  Yes, I truly a danceLiving among trees and plantsPlease don't question me about illusion    and enlightenment—This old fellow just likes to smile to himself.I wade across streams with bony legs,And carry a bag about in fine springweather.That’s my life,And the world owes me nothing. The gaudy beauty of this world has no    attraction for me—My closest friends are mountains and rivers, More »
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    Chanting through a Saxophone Paid Member

    A new biography of jazz legend Wayne Shorter illuminates how Buddhism influenced his life. More »
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    The Splendor of Asia Paid Member

    In her 1926 account of the Buddha’s life, popular fantasy writer L. Adams Beck describes a brooding Prince Siddhartha in a pleasure garden called the Paradise after his first glimpse of death. He is approached by his childhood friend Udayi, sent by his father to soothe the prince. More »