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    By the Wayside Paid Member

    Even as on a heap of rubbish thrown away by the side of the road a lotus flower may grow and blossom with its pure perfume giving joy to the soul, in the same way among the blind multitudes shines pure the light of wisdom of the student who follows the Buddha, the one who is truly awake. The Dhammapada More »
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    Found Dharma Talks Paid Member

    POOL HALL DHARMA TALK Aim your stick not the cue ball KRYPTONITE BIKE LOCK DHARMA TALK Do not force key CHELSEA CAR WASH 24-HOUR DHARMA TALK Neutral no brakes no steering DHARMA TALK AT THE CANAL ST. P.O Insert bills straight and carefully Bills jam when forced Make your choice when asked regardless of your credit Insert bills face up or down Up or down BRONX ZOO AVIARY DHARMA TALK Keep your voice low and you will see More »
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    Buddha Buzz Paid Member

    Buddha Buzz: The Game of Life The number of English-language Buddhist board games in the world doubled in size in recent months, to an astounding . . . two! You now have your choice of rainy day dharma fun between BuddhaWheel and the recently unveiled Karma Chakra. Both feature attractive designs, with Tibetan mandalas making the logical conversion to playing fields, but with price tags of forty-five dollars for Karma Chakra and about eighty dollars for BuddhaWheel, you might want to consider dusting off that old Monopoly board one more time.   Nuddhism More »
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    Get Outta My Head Paid Member

    Meditating at an Indian ashram, ELIZABETH GILBERT struggles to keep it together with no help from her brain. The following morning, I arrive right on time for the 4:00 a.m. meditation session that always starts the day here. We are meant to sit for an hour in the silence, but I log the minutes as if they were miles—sixty brutal miles that I have to endure. By mile/minute fourteen, my nerves have started to go, my knees are breaking down, and I’m overcome with exasperation. Which is understandable, given that the conversations between me and my mind during meditation generally go something like this: Me: Okay, we’re going to meditate now. Let’s draw our attention to our breath and focus on the mantra. Om namah Shivaya. Om namah Shiv— Mind: I can help you out with this you know! Me: Okay, good, because I need your help. Let’s go. Om namah Shivaya. Om namah Shi - More »
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    Land of Illusions Paid Member

    Land of Illusions In this scene from AMY TAN's latest novel, the cynical ghost of murdered San Francisco socialite Bibi Chen tells the story of her friends’ trip to Burma. CROSSING THE BORDER into Burma, one can spot the same pretty flowers seen from the bus window in China: yellow daisies and scarlet hibiscus, lantana growing as plentifully as weeds. Nothing had changed from one country to the next, or so it appeared to my friends. More »
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    Buddha Buzz Spring 2006 Paid Member

    Big Box Dharma In an effort to bring Buddhism back to the people, Thai Culture Minister Uraiwan Thienthong recently proposed building "solace corners" in department stores and malls. Two malls have signed on, but not everyone thinks taking the dharma to market is such a good idea, with several senators objecting to what they interpret as setting up shrines in shopping centers. "It's not about building a temple in a shopping mall," said Thienthong, as quoted by Agence France Presse. "This will just be a 2,150-square-foot space with a room in which to pray and practice meditation, a reading and listening room, and a library with books of Lord Buddha's teaching." It Wasn't Meditation That Gave Him the Munchies More »