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    Miracle Worker Paid Member

    Michael Daube, 43, founder of the nonprofit Citta IT'S THE STUFF of urban legend: While combing through the trash in search of materials for his artwork, a young artist finds a drawing with the initials D.H. in the corner. Could it be...? His hunch pays off: The drawing is a David Hockney, and he sells it for $18,000. Then—because this is real life and not a legend—he uses his windfall to build a hospital in India. More »
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    Make It One with Everything Paid Member

    JUST DON’T MENTION the phrase “right livelihood” to James Tu. The money-manager-turned-vegetarian-restaurateur shrugs off suggestions he’s engaged in anything of the kind. More »
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    What Does Being a Buddhist Mean to You? Paid Member

    Reverend Gen OikawaReverend of the Nichiren Buddhist Temple of San JoseSan Jose, California The altar at home, the gohonzon, is a branch of the temple. The people can practice even when they don't go to the temple. They can still have a sacred time any time and any day. As a minister of the temple, I can pray at the temple during the day. I sit at my gohonzon in my house in the mornings and the evenings. I meditate, chant the Lotus Sutra, and chant Nam myoho renge-kyo, which is our main practice.  More »