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    Give and Take with Wes Nisker Paid Member

    Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of Jewish Buddhists? You don’t say! Maybe it’s because opposites attract. You’ve got your Buddhists, with their cool detachment, quietude, and inner peace. And then you have your Jews, with their emotionality, verbal dexterity, and worldly chutzpah. Maybe the two sets of characteristics are complementary. Go figure. More »
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    Right Acting Paid Member

    You’ve said before that your skills as an actor are some of the very same skills you use in your practice. Can you talk about that? I went to the Lee Strasburg Institute, which teaches an approach to acting that originated with Stanislavski in the Moscow Art Theatre. The first thing you do when you start to study is, you sit in a chair and try to become aware of your body and your muscles, releasing all tension. Then you make a resonant sound—an “ahhh”—and try to connect to your emotion and see what’s there. It took me a while to put it together, but it’s a lot like meditation. It’s about simple things: creating simple sensory realities. Another exercise uses an imaginary coffee cup. You create it and feel the weight of the thing—not by pantomime, but through your senses. More »
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    Living the Life You Wish to Live Paid Member

    This article is part of our newest e-book, Tricycle Teachings: Dying & Death. If you are a supporting or sustaining member of Tricycle, you can download the e-book for free here. More »
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    Awakening for All Paid Member

    According to social activist Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne, “the ten perfections can be cultivated when one diligently serves the poor.” Photo Courtesy of Sarvodaya USA You are called the Gandhi of Sri Lanka. But Gandhi was a Hindu, and you are a Buddhist. How have Gandhian principles influenced you as a Buddhist? It is embarrassing for me when they compare me to Gandhi. Gandhi was so great. Certainly Gandhi was influenced by Hinduism. I was influenced by Buddha’s teachings. The principles of truth and nonviolence that Gandhi expounded do not contradict Buddhist teachings. They are the same in both teachings, so I was naturally influenced by Gandhian teachings. More »
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    Faces of Enlightenment Paid Member

    When did you start taking portrait-style photographs of Tibetan masters? In 1988, I did a portrait of Kalu Rinpoche in New Mexico, a few months before he died. That picture became very special to his followers and went everywhere. At Kalu Rinpoche’s funeral in Darjeeling, I took a photo of two little monks that also became very well known. Right after the funeral, I rushed back to L.A. to photograph the Kalachakra given by the Dalai Lama in 1989. Two of the portraits I made of His Holiness then became classics, even icons. In fact, one of them is on thousands of pendants worn by people all over the world. More »
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    Elevated Music Paid Member

    Musician Nawang Khechog: "I always meditate before I play or compose." Nawang Khechog is a musical sorcerer—a self-taught, Grammy-nominated star of meditation music who has sold three million albums worldwide (his latest CD, Tibetan Meditation Music, was No. 9 on the Billboard chart) and has collaborated with Kitaro, R. Carlos Nakai, Philip Glass, Paul Winter, Laurie Anderson, and David Bowie. Drawing on eleven years as a monk and mountain hermit, Khechog combines the fruits of long, deep practice with natural acoustic genius to create hauntingly beautiful compositions that mix earthy Tibetan chants with ethereal horns. More »