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    The great Buddhist pilgrimage sites of Asia like Bodhgaya, Kapilavastu, Deer Park, Vulture Peak, and Tso Pema became sacred sites many centuries ago, but there are places on this planet right this minute whose sacredness is coming to fruition before our eyes and in our own backyards: Trungpa Rinpoche’s Great Stupa of Dharmakaya in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, for example, or Khadro Ling in Brazil, or a small hilltop in southwest France where H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche and Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche established homes. More »
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    The thing that has helped me most in this lifetime, aside from being born, is meeting a lineage holder of great wisdom traditions. But the being born part is pretty essential, and to be born means entering a lineage also: the bloodline. More »
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    In her poem “Mushrooms,” Sylvia Plath evokes the early appearance of forest fungi, calling them “soft fists” that insist their way up through needles and leafy bedding. Soft fists. I love it. Especially because my lesson learned through a bit of mycological exploration was something of a gentle punch. Mushrooms were on my mind after a royal risotto extravaganza served up with immense grace by my friend Cecile. Fifteen people from around the world dove into the meal around a long table in Manhattan as the conversation veered from drones shaped like bees to torched castles to psychedelic ecstasies, then back around to the historical Buddha’s toxic last supper, known as the sukara-maddava. More »
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    A scientist friend asked me, “If you could choose five people to live forever, who would they be?” He said geneticists studying sequences in our chromosomes aren’t too far from unlocking the key to deathlessness. I had some questions. For example, can my people decide to terminate if they choose to at some point? Or do they have to keep on living, even after Armageddon hits and the world is populated by cockroaches and wolves? And in what physical state will they live? Frozen as they are now? Or can they rewind to, say, a healthy 32? Or would they continue to age and decay, doomed to drag their carcasses around for time eternal? More »
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    While there are many things a person cannot do or find in the Kingdom of Bhutan, there are some things that occur in no other place on earth. I’m taking leave of this place of impossibilities and possibilities, and for my final meal, I request a curry of orchids and ferns.Do you know how the road forks three ways where the two rivers join in Chuzom? Have you seen how blue the water is as it gushes forth under the bridge? Gaze at this blue spectacle but don’t take too long, because the day is short. The forest is different at night, busy with wildcats and other such things that might eat you before you can eat them.  More »