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    The gift of justice surpasses all gifts.—Dhammapada 354 To pass judgment hurriedlydoesn’t mean you’re a judge.The wise one who weighsthe right judgment and wrong,the intelligent one who judges others impartially,unhurriedly, in line with the Dhamma,guarding the Dhamma,guarded by the Dhamma,he’s called a judge.- Dhammapada 256-257  More »
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    Beyond the fringe of urban farmland, where radish and rice fields meet pine-forested hills, stands an ancient temple in northwestern Kyoto called Daikaku-ji, or Big Enlightenment Temple. This venerable site is the birthplace of the Shingon sect, founded in the ninth century by Kukai, the famous saint, scholar, and poet. Daikaku-ji is also the former summer palace of Emperor Saga, a ruler of the same era who loved and preserved the arts. Together with Kukai, Emperor Saga is credited with ushering in the Heian Period, a golden era of artistic and cultural achievement lasting three hundred years. Today, eleven hundred years later, Daikaku-ji is not only a prominent historical temple, but also the international headquarters of the Saga Goryu School of Ikebana. More »
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    Abbot Sombun Athitano stands on the balcony of Wat Chansisamakidham and looks out over the parking lot. With his arms akimbo and his expression deeply serious, he resembles a mythic hero keeping a vigilant watch over his protectorate. More »
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