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    Welcome to Ryohoji! Paid Member

    It is a truism that Buddhism in Japan today is a tradition under pressure. Whereas in earlier centuries Buddhism represented a comprehensive cosmological, political, and literary worldview that was shared by people of all classes across the archipelago, today it is not uncommon to hear priests lamenting the decline of lay support and worrying about how the tradition can survive. Even as many temples in rural Japan prove the Buddhist dictum that nothing is eternally abiding by shutting their doors forever, others exemplify the Buddhist tenet of incessant change by ingeniously concocting new ways to weave the tradition into the daily lives of Japan’s citizens. This innovative trend is evident in a promotional campaign now six years in the running at Ryohoji, a tiny Nichiren sect temple in Hachioji, a suburb of Tokyo. More »
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    Among the Children of Wat Opot Paid Member

    The car brought her and the car left without her. Two older sisters were in the car. Srey Mom’s parents had both died of AIDS, and her sisters were supposed to take care of her. But they were pretty and young, and anxious to marry. In Cambodia the quality of a woman’s life is still largely determined by the man she marries, and it was not long before these young women realized that a promising young man, a good prospect, would have no interest in marrying a woman with a sickly young sister infected with the AIDS virus. So they brought Srey Mom to Wat Opot, a Cambodian community for children with AIDS. More »
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    Expiration Date Paid Member

    A human being has a shelf life. It’s a strange thought, given how essential we tend to think we are, as though we’ll be around forever. But we won’t. We’re born, we ripen, we die. And how do we die? I was on my knees, boxer shorts around an ankle, not only praying but vomiting, and not only vomiting but battling ferocious incontinence, when I realized, We all die like dogs. More »
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    On the Path with Thay Paid Member

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    The "Inner Logic" of Other Power Paid Member

    A friend recently asked me to describe the “inner logic” of Pure Land Buddhism. I was confounded. It seemed like a kind of koan, rather like “Please enumerate the contents of an empty box.” Pure Land is other power Buddhism. It does not have an “inner” logic. That is the point. From the Pure Land perspective, such is the original message of Buddha. Siddhartha Gautama strove for many years to solve the great existential problem of birth, affliction, and death. He achieved many things, but it was never enough, could not be enough. In the end all his striving for salvation proved futile. Yet something was given to him when he gave up. More »
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