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    Given the various crises in our world today, the claim made by some that we are in the midst of what in Buddhism is called a “dark age” certainly has some merit. But for those who study and practice the Buddhist teachings, a very different view of our moment in time and the possibilities it affords presents itself. We are, I believe, at the beginning of what could become for Buddhism a new golden age. More »
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    Jan Chozen Bays began Zen practice in 1973 under Taizan Maezumi Roshi and has served since 1986 as teacher for the Zen Community of Oregon in Portland and for the residnetial program at Larch Mountain Zen Center. She is also a pediatricican specializing in child abuse.         Jose Cabezon was a monk in the Tibetan tradition for ten years and is currently a professor of Buddhism and Cultural Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is author, editor, and translator of several books, including Buddhism, Sexuality and Gender.           More »
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    Anger,lust — these enemies of mine—Are limbless and devoid of facultiesThey have no bravery, no cleverness;How then have they reduced me to such slavery?I it is who welcome them within my heart,Allowing them to harm me at their pleasure!I who suffer all without resentment—Thus my abject patience, all displaced!If all the gods and demigods besidesTogether came against me as my foes,Their mighty strength—all this would not availTo fling me in the fires of deepest hell.And yet, the mighty fiend of my afflictions,Flings me in an instant headlong down To where the mighty lord of mountainsWould be burned, its very ashes all consumed.No other enemy indeed Has lived so long as my defiled emotions—O my enemy, afflictive passion,Endless and beginningless companion!All other foes that I appease and wait upon Will show me favors, give me every aid, More »
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    Zen Master Seung Sahn on 'Only Go Straight' Paid Member

    You say you looked in the mirror and said, "Who's that?" I ask you: the mirror face and your face—which is the correct face? Are they the same or different? If you said, "Same," I would hit your face. You would say, "Ouch!" but the mirror face does not feel anything. If you said, "Different," I would tell you that, before you were born, your face was empty; after you die, your face will be empty; so your face is empty. The reflected face is also empty, so the mirror face and your face are the same. More »
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    Journey to Enlightenment Paid Member

    From time to time in the dry and hot seasons of the year, wandering forest monks passed through Mae Chee Kaew’s farming village, Baan Huay Sai, searching for places to camp and meditate in solitude. The mountains and forests surrounding the village were areas of vast wilderness, forbidding and inhospitable, where wild animals roamed freely and malevolent spirits were said to hold sway. Out of fear, the villagers stayed away, making it an ideal place for the monks to practice their ascetic way of life in seclusion. More »