Dedication of Merit

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    What's Mine Paid Member

    I’ve a fat-happy Buddha bellynot to be confusedwith Buddha mind, which is arrow-slim and quickas the knife of Ting the Cookslicing fresh ham. I do not claim to know the joysand sorrows of the koi in the pond.But I know the pleasures of feeding them. The fruit on the tree of loveis an appleI have sampled. And will again. “Golden apples,”sweet oranges in the sun. Everything I own is inmy heart and head and amountsto almost nothing, a dream— and yet a long moment of silenceto greet the dayis a glimpse of heaven. There are dreams to be realizedbefore dreams and dreamers die.We’re borne on the wings of butterflies. More »
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    Shall We Offer Flowers? Paid Member

    Bitter buffaloberrydevil’s club, tangled dogtoothnarrowleaf arrowheadWhat are the lineages of life?ground water, radiant heat—listen, they form the underlying beatof the watershed,gifts with no motive the way of the ancientsskyrocket chicory bluestemfew-flowered shooting starIndian pipeall the paradise you need’s outside your doorthe medicine Buddha wears a lapis lazuli headdressfeathers & turquoise beadscan you give thanks with a pinch ofbear tobacco?balms salves unguents poisons the mintsEarth puts forth her medicinesone day you’ll need a planta certain herb you’ve never metstep cautiouslyyellow owl’s clover, prairie smokeif you bend the yellow florets aside More »
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    A Blessing for Wedding Paid Member

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    Variation on a Theme by King David Paid Member

    by L.B. ThompsonPraise to you!Praise to you my snappy love!Praise you in clean socks on a Queens-bound    train; praise youfor your famous avocado    sandwiches. Praise you from Brooklyn to blasphemy!I’ve called the mayor to praise you; & a thirdbase    coach; eventhat no-neck accountantwho doesn’t have the decency to nod hello    has agreed to praise you!Praise you with bongos and fine fancy    tea; praise youwith rhumba, tango & marmelade; praise    you with your knickers at your knees!I praise you on Flag Day, & on whichever equinox    allows for the balancing of eggs; More »