This Buddhist Life

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    An interview with Dorothy Iannone Paid Member

    Profession: ArtistAge: 79Location: Berlin, Germany More »
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    An interview with Jason Lewis Paid Member

    Profession: World ExplorerAge: 45Location: Boulder, CO More »
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    An interview with Ananda Badet Paid Member

    Profession: Oncology nurseAge: 37Location: Denver, COWhich came first, becoming a Buddhist or becoming a nurse? I became a Buddhist first. I was 20 when I really knew that I was a Buddhist, and I didn’t become a nurse until I was 30. Being a nurse has been a great career for supporting my life as a Buddhist and giving me time to practice and opportunities to learn about the dharma in my work.  More »
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    An interview with Mike Giant Paid Member

    Profession: ArtistAge: 40Location: San Francisco, CAHow would you explain your artwork—what you do for a living and your street art background—to a bunch of Buddhists? Well, I’m a product of my generation. I grew up through the 80s and was drawn to the punk rock and hip-hop cultures simultaneously. And I threw myself in headfirst. A lot of those things were about personal expression, and also an anti-establishment attitude like, “We don’t need you, we have our own thing.” That’s the backbone of who I am to this day. More »
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    An interview with June Tanoue Paid Member

    Profession: Zen priest and hula instructor Age: 61 Location: Chicago More »
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    An interview with Vanessa Veselka Paid Member

    Profession: NovelistAge: 42Location: Portland, OregonHow did you get into Buddhism? I first heard of the Four Noble Truths in my early 20s from a boyfriend who used them to rationalize suffering. I thought it was a lousy philosophy aimed at keeping an economic caste system in place—Here, peon! Your misery is a natural state. Get used to it! Around that time, though, I got a copy of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind and tried to meditate. I hated the feeling of watching the drama slip away. After a few days, worried that I might be struck by enlightenment—obviously not a real danger for me—I stopped. I avoided Buddhism for years. More »