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    The Role of Faith Paid Member

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    Prajna Paid Member

    Good and Wise Friends, do not listen to me explain emptiness, and then become attached to emptiness. Above all, do not cling to emptiness. If you meditate with a vacant mind, you will become fixated on a blank emptiness. Good and Wise Friends, the emptiness of the physical universe can embrace the shapes and forms of the myriad things: the sun, moon, and stars; the mountains, rivers, and the whole earth; the fountains, springs, streams, and torrents; the grasses, trees, thickets, and woods; good and bad people, good and bad dharmas, the heavens and the hells, all the great seas, and the entirety of Mount Sumeru and all mountains—empty space contains them all. The emptiness of people’s nature is the same. More »
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    From Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand Paid Member

    Geshe Potowa said if you do not think about death, you will ignore this life. If you do not ignore this life, you will be influenced by the eight worldly concerns: being happy if you receive gifts and unhappy if you do not; being happy if comfortable and unhappy if not; happy if famous and unhappy if not; happy if praised and unhappy if criticized. Lingraepa said: In samsara, the city of preconceptions,Wander the zombies of the eight worldly concerns.You are in a terrifying charnel ground;Have your guru perform an exorcism. More »
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    Mercy Paid Member

    My throat is a clenched fire,an arson’s match. All day long I havewatched a huge porcupinelike a pile of coal or a burnt stumpmove about the yard in the cold raineating apples, satisfying thesoft, needy underside she protects,and I think I know what it is to cause anguish to those who touch you,to forage alone, and to cravesweet mouthfuls of mercy.“Mercy,” by Mark Hart. From Boy Singing to Cattle, © 2013 Pearl Editions. Reprinted with permission of the publisher. Illustration by Roberto La Forgia More »
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    Being Held by the Dharma Paid Member

    There’s no switch that turns on enlightenment. You move toward it with your effort. It’s an effort that might be unrecognizable to those who think “effort” means trying hard. You have to try soft—to be curious and open to whatever it is that results. Effort doesn’t mean gritting your teeth and pushing through to the other side; it means sitting where you’re stuck and not running away. From “Being Held by the Dharma,” by Nancy Thompson. Originally published on the Interdependence Project blog. Reprinted with permission of the author. More »
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    No Magic, No Miracle Paid Member

    Purify your mind. This is how you can help society; this is how you can stop harming others and start helping them. When you work for your own liberation, you will find that you have also started helping others to come out of their misery. One individual becomes several individuals—a slow widening of the circle. There is no magic, no miracle. Work for your own peace, and you will find that you have started making the atmosphere around you more peaceful—provided you work properly. More »