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    Tuning the Mind Paid Member

    When I look at relationships, my own and others, I see a whole range of reasons we get together and ways we interact. Some are transactional, but the deeper impulse of every human relationship is to evoke the love and oneness that unites us. But what actually happens is that many relationships reinforce our separateness because of our misperception of ourselves as separate beings, and because of our desire systems, which are based in separateness or ego. Relationships only work in a spiritual sense when you and I really see that we are one.  More »
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    A Contemplation Paid Member

    I contemplated my greed for peace. And I did not seek tranquillity anymore. From Teachings of a Buddhist Monk, © 1990/2001 Ajahn Sumedho. Reprinted by permission of Buddhist Publishing Group. Illustration by Roberto LaForgia More »
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    Get Intimate with Your Emotions Paid Member

    If you want more joy, get as intimate as possible with all of your emotions, illuminating and honoring the basic energy of each one. There is a kind of joy that sooner or later emerges from such exploration, the joy of simply being present at the heart of whatever we are feeling. Such joy weeps as easily as it celebrates; its loss of face only deepens its presence.  From Emotional Intimacy: A Comprehensive Guide for Connecting with the Power of Your Emotions by Robert Augustus Masters, PhD © 2013 Robert Augustus Masters. Reprinted with permission of Sounds True. Illustration by Roberto La Forgia More »
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    Your Best Paid Member

    The best learning is realizing the truth of no-self.The best discipline is taming your mindstream. The best excellence is to have great altruism. The best instruction is the constant observation of your mind. The best antidote is the recognition that everything is devoid of intrinsic existence. The best conduct is that which is at odds with the mundane world. The best higher attainment is the lessening of your mental afflictions. The best sign of higher attainment is a decrease in your attachment. The best giving is the absence of possessiveness. The best morality is a tranquil mind. The best forbearance is to uphold humility. The best joyful perseverance is to be able to let go of the endeavor. The best concentration is the uncontrived mind. The best wisdom is to make no identification of “I am” with anything.  More »
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    Love Letter to the Earth Paid Member

    Dear Mother, there are those of us who walk on Earth but still wish to seek a Promised Land elsewhere, not knowing that you are the wondrous Pure Land, present in this moment. They are not able to see that the Kingdom of Heaven exists in their own hearts. They are not able to see that if their minds are calm and peaceful, then the very ground they are walking on becomes the Pure Land. We are able to play and enjoy this Pure Land day and night thanks to that insight, thanks to the practice of dwelling peacefully with mindfulness in the here and now. We have the Kingdom here and are no longer searching for it elsewhere. You have the capacity to carry us hundreds of millions of years into the future, after which you may manifest as another planet and we as other wonderful forms on you. More »
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    Your Own Noble Heart Paid Member

    There is a Buddhist saying that can help strengthen your determination to keep your balance in any challenging situation. It says: “If you can do something to change the circumstances, why be upset about it? And if you cannot do anything to change the circumstances, why be upset about it?” This saying is relevant to all situations in life. If you can do something to improve matters, wonderful. There is no reason to be distressed. On the other hand, there is certainly no point in worrying about something you cannot change. This advice applies when you seek to influence the way your government intervenes in others’ conflicts. It also applies when you are attempting to resolve other people’s conflicts. It applies when you yourself come into conflict with others. More »