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    Teachings on the Nature of Mind and Practice Paid Member

    Like waves, all the activities of this life have rolled endless on, yet they have left us empty-handed. Myriads of thoughts have run through our minds, but all they have done is increase our confusion and dissatisfaction. Normally we operate under the deluded assumption that everything has some sort of true, substantial reality. But when we look more carefully, we find that the phenomenal world is like a rainbow—vivid and colorful, but without any tangible existence. When a rainbow appears we see many beautiful colors—yet a rainbow is not something we can clothe ourselves with, or wear as an ornament; it simply appears through the conjunction of various conditions. Thoughts arise in the mind in just the same way. They have no tangible reality or intrinsic existence at all. There is therefore no logical reason why thoughts should have so much power over us, nor any reason why we should be enslaved by them. More »
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    Teachings on Mindfulness Paid Member

    Again, a monk, when walking, knows that he is walking, when standing, knows that he is standing, when sitting, knows that he is sitting, when lying down, knows that he is lying down. In whatever way his body is disposed, he knows that that is how it is ... Again, a monk, when going forward or back, is clearly a ware of what he is doing, in looking forward or back he is clearly aware of what he is doing, in bending and stretching he is clearly aware of what he is doing, in carrying his inner and outer robe and his bowl he is clearly a ware of what he is doing, in eating, drinking, chewing and savoring he is clearly a ware of what he is doing, in passing excrement or urine he is clearly aware of what he is doing, in walking, standing, sitting, falling asleep and waking up, in speaking or in staying silent, he is clearly aware of what he is doing ... More »
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    Dear Abbey Dharma Winter 2010 Paid Member

    Dear Abbey Dharma, My doctor has suggested that I try a certain psychiatric medicine, but I want to meditate and I am wavering because I wonder if people can “wake up” or even get enlightened using these medicines. —Wavering Dear Wavering, I’ve interviewed many students on meditation retreats whose practice is insightful, and therefore more personally liberating, who take a psychiatric drug that has been prescribed by their physician. Since there are many medicines that fit into the category of “psychiatric drugs,” there isn’t a simple answer to your question. Here are a few ideas that may help you in making your decision: More »
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    From Spiritual Bypassing Paid Member

    There isn’t any such thing as a negative emotion. There are negative things that we do with our emotions, but our emotions themselves are neither negative nor positive. They simply are. Consider anger. When we are angry, we might express it as hostility—emitting unmistakable negativity, bristly and mean-spirited, tight and heartless. Yes, we are angry, but we are filtering—and forcing— it through a darkly twisted lens, so that it is expressed not as clean anger (that is, anger free of aggression, blaming, and shaming) but as hostility. Does this mean that anger itself is therefore a negative emotion? No. It means we have handled our anger negatively, putting a mean-spirited spin on it. Our choice. Hostility is not a negative emotion but rather a negative framing and expression of anger. More »
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    The Great Way: Memorial issue for Muge Daido Daiosho Paid Member

    Whenever Daido [John Daido Loori Roshi] was traipsing around in the mountains, he always had a camera with him. His scientific background in chemistry gave him a strong technical understanding of photographic processes. But it was his training with Minor White that initiated his lifelong exploration of “making love with light.” Gazing at water, seeing the shape of ice, he was always seeking the fresh view, free of conditioned thinking, inspired by love. He wrote, “We are all constantly in the midst of light. We are surrounded, bathed, and nourished by it. More »
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    Dear Abbey Dharma Fall 2010 Paid Member

    Dear Abbey Dharma, I recently took my refuge vows and have found the Buddhist path to be vast and wide. My struggle is, where to begin? I find death and dying, intentions, karma, and many more subjects compelling. Where does one begin other than the meditation cushion? —Where to Begin Dear Where to Begin, More »