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    September 20, 2001 Paid Member

    We are obliged to cherish and protect this world, The place we humans call our home. So why pointlessly destroy any source Of our world's prosperity? May the truth of all buddhas in the ten directions Help bring an end to all such deluded actions. May raising the attitude of love and compassion Help peace and happiness spread throughout the world. The way of all civilized people Is to protect one's life and precious body. How pitiful to cast away and destroy it In the delusion that it may be used as a weapon. May the nectar of Truth, calm and soothing, Completely pacify such violent intent. May the attitude of love and compassionBlossom in all people throughout the world. More »
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    Full Moons and Dirty Diapers Paid Member

    My infant daughter Jordan doesn't let me sit zazen. All day, she conspires with her older sister Erin so that when the toddler naps, the infant is awake and when the infant naps, the toddler is awake. The day is a blur of diapers and drool, tears and laughter, and when at last night comes and they both fall asleep, I sit down on my zafu and pass out. More »
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    Winter Dusk at a Remote Temple Paid Member

    Approaching year’s end, east of the river the weather turns cold. At the wilderness temple, dusk spreadsto river and sky. No wine I knowcan meltthis night. I follow a monk, who shuts the gate early. Lamplit walls hold stunted shadows. Roof tiles bearing snow creak constantly. Drifting about in the world, I still have a thousand li to travel; but just now, I want to lose myself in the temple’s pure chanting of sutras.   More »