Tricycle/Fall 2008

Volume 18, Number 1

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how we live

  • Artist Michael Daube turned one man's trash into a humanitarian treasure.
    Joan Duncan Oliver

on location

  • Almost three decades since his predecessor passed away in Illinois, the Seventeenth Karmapa takes his first trip to the West.
    Peter Alsop

sangha spotlight

  • What the Pew Forum report reveals about the face of American Buddhism - and how the results can help sanghas change and grow.
    Hoko Jan Karnegis

my view

  • Nissara Horayangura looks to connect with Buddhist tradition in a rapidly changing city. Photography by Alison Wright.
    Nissara Horayangura.

on gardening

  • For the first time at Redwood Creek, the silver salmon didn't come home.
    Wendy Johnson


dharma talk

  • Overcoming the last great obstacle to awakening: the conceit of self
    Christina Feldman


  • Buddhist scholar and author John Peacocke talks with Tricycle about what we can learn by taking a close look at the language and philosophies of the Buddha’s time.
  • Entrepreneur and social activist Paul Hawken on how a nameless worldwide network of organizations has arisen to address today's global crises. Photographs by Terrence McCarthy
    Paul Hawken


special section

on practice

  • Martine Batchelor offers a Korean Zen koan practice to refresh our minds and open us to creative wisdom.
    Martine Batchelor

parting words

editors view