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Tricycle/Fall 2014 Vol. 24, Num. 1

Featured in this issue:

After the Monastery Bhikshu Heng Ju (Tim Testu) Paid Member

A reconciliation story

Brain Karma Wendy Hasenkamp, PhD Paid Member

Is delusion hardwired?

The Happiness Metric Madeline Drexler Paid Member

Bhutan’s experiment in turning principle into policy

The Unfamiliar Familiar Henry Shukman

Learning to see the world anew

White Trash Buddhist Brent R. Oliver Paid Member

Do you have to break the bank to break into the upper middle way? A Kentucky native shows us what practice looks like on minimum wage.

Tricycle/Summer 2014 Vol. 23, Num. 4

Featured in this issue:

Other-Power David Brazier Paid Member

Why self-mastery is self-defeating

Reflections of the Flowerbank World Dale S. Wright and Tom Wudl Paid Member

The Avatamsaka Sutra in art

Roused from a Dream Mary Fowles Paid Member

Restoring Zen's female lineage

The Flute Teacher Liao Yiwu Paid Member

A Poet's Journey through a Chinese Prison

The Man-made Obstacle Rita M. Gross Paid Member

Distinguishing between problems of human birth and problems of human making

Under One Umbrella

Can tradition and science both fit? An interview with Thupten Jinpa Langri

Tricycle/Spring 2014 Vol. 23, Num. 3

Featured in this issue:

Beautiful Storm Henry Shukman Paid Member

Finding the hidden remedies in our troubled selves

Dharma on the Playa Allan Badiner Paid Member

Buddhism at Burning Man

Facing the Wave Gretel Ehrlich Paid Member

A journey through the devastation of Japan’s tsunami

Looking into the Eyes of a Master Pilar Jennings, PhD Paid Member

A relational psychotherapist explores how we can see our teachers as people, both gifted and flawed.

Meditation en Masse Erik Braun

How colonialism sparked the global Vipassana movement

The Dismay of Motherhood Mary Talbot Paid Member

We are of the nature to get sick, grow old, and die. So are our children.

The Dream Team Paid Member

Contributing editor Pamela Gayle White speaks with six dedicated practitioners before they enter three-year retreat.

The Science Delusion

An interview with cultural critic Curtis White

Tricycle/Winter 2013 Vol. 23, Num. 2

Featured in this issue:

America's Guru Andréa R. Vaucher Paid Member

Ram Dass at 82

Burning for the Buddha James A. Benn Paid Member

Generally considered antithetical to Buddhism's Middle Way, self-immolation has a long and surprising history in scripture and practice

Focus: The Power of Paying Attention Paid Member

An interview with Daniel Goleman about his new book, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

From Russia with Love David Urubshurow Paid Member

The untold story of how Tibetan Buddhism first came to America

Non-lying Roshi Nancy Mujo Baker Paid Member

The fourth Zen precept

Standing as Equals Paid Member

A conversation with Rinchen Khando Choegyal, founder of the Tibetan Nuns Project

The Supreme Contemplation Andrew Holecek Paid Member

Practicing with the Four Reminders