Preserving our environment and mindful consumption are a part of our practice
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    Awakening in the Age of Climate Change Paid Member

    Let me begin by emphasizing what most of us already know about climate change. First, it’s the greatest threat to human civilization ever, as far as we can tell. Second, it’s not an external threat but something we are doing to ourselves. And third, our collective response remains, if not completely negligible, very far from adequate. More »
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    The Buddha's Footprint Paid Member

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    The Witness Paid Member

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    Reflections on an Impermanent World Paid Member

    Over 98 percent of all species ever to live on earth are now extinct. Though some of this loss is to be expected as part of the natural cycle of evolution— in nature, change is constant; stasis is abnormal— there have also been moments of catastrophic change, when the diversity of life has plummeted so suddenly and dramatically that the rules of evolution no longer apply. Over the course of geological history there have been at least five of these mass extinction events. Scientists are now saying that we are currently in the midst of a sixth. More »
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    Nothing Need Be Done Paid Member

    One morning in 1984, a letter posted on the other side of the world clacked through the flap of my door in Cape Town. It was from the poet, environmental activist, and longtime Buddhist Gary Snyder, a warm response to questions about his writing. I was a graduate student at the time and had been reading his work after a friend gave me a copy of his 1967 collection A Range of Poems. That first letter was the beginning of a long long-distance friendship and an ongoing conversation. More »