Preserving our environment and mindful consumption are a part of our practice
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    Meat: To Eat It or Not—John McClellan Paid Member

    There would seem to be little justification for eating meat. There's no nutritional need, it's hard on the earth, not that good for us, and the factory conditions in which we produce "animal products" are so appalling they beggar description. But not eating meat might be playing things too safe. The function of all our actions as human beings should be to deepen awareness and arouse compassion for the liberation of all beings. But in my own experience, being a strict vegetarian seems to give rise to a subtle buffer between myself and the suffering world, shielding me from the very feelings I would most like to arouse. More »
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    Buddhist Climate Action Organizations Paid Member

    United States 1. Aloka ViharaPlacerville, CA 95667(530) 647-8262info@sranaloka.orgAyya Santacitta, Ayya AnandabodhiTheravada Forest Tradition 2. Earth Care Group of Dharma ZephyrInsight Meditation CommunityCarson City, NV 89702(775) 303-2562annemacquarie@gmail.comAnne MacquarieTheravada 3. Green Dragon Earth InitiativeZen Center of New York CityBrooklyn, NY 11217(718) 875-8229zcnyc@mro.orgLorna MasonZen 4. Green SanghaOakland, CA 94620(510) 532-6574info@greensangha.orgLinda CurrieMulti-tradition More »
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    The Work That Reconnects Paid Member

    The Work That Reconnects maps a process that helps us build motivation, creativity, courage, and solidarity for the transition to a sustainable human culture. The sequence works as a spiral because it repeats itself. The spiral can take place over the course of a day, a project, or a lifetime. We come back to it again and again as a source of strength and fresh perspectives. More »
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    Awakening in the Age of Climate Change Paid Member

    Let me begin by emphasizing what most of us already know about climate change. First, it’s the greatest threat to human civilization ever, as far as we can tell. Second, it’s not an external threat but something we are doing to ourselves. And third, our collective response remains, if not completely negligible, very far from adequate. More »
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    The Buddha's Footprint Paid Member

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    The Witness Paid Member