Living and practicing harmoniously with others is essential to Buddhist teachings
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    Ten Mindful Ways to Use Social Media Paid Member

    For the last two years, I have provided a daily wisdom quote through a Twitter account called Tiny Buddha. Since the follower count has grown by leaps and bounds, people have suggested I tweet more often throughout the day. I’ve realized, however, that the greatest lesson we can all learn is that less is enough. In a time when connections can seem like commodities and online interactions can become casually inauthentic, mindfulness is not just a matter of fostering increased awareness. It’s about relating meaningfully to other people and ourselves. With this goal in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 10 tips for using social media mindfully.  More »
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    Dear Abbey Dharma Spring 2011 Paid Member

    Dear Abbey Dharma,I have been on the Buddhist path for a large portion of my life. I practiced Zen while I was a teenager and practiced Tibetan Buddhism in my late 20s. Now, in my late 30s, I find myself going it alone after becoming weary of ritual. Do most people go through this weariness at some point? I am still on the path, just without a teacher or lineage. Is this wise?–Lone Wolf BuddhistDear Lone Wolf, More »
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    ALINA STRAND Honduran Farmer in Kentucky "Being mindful of thought and deed in daily life." NORA SAFRAN Potter Amagansett, NY "Pain, pain, pain, pain,—that's thinking of the fourth day of a seven-day retreat." More »
  • What Does Being a Buddhist Mean to You? Paid Member

    DOC O'CONNOR Office Manager, LaGrange, Ohio "Long pilgrimages to Asia. I'm just back from five months in India and Nepal with a more balanced foundation for dealing with my own chaotic American culture." FATHER ALLEN BREAUX Pastor, St. Rita Catholic Church, St. Martinsville, Louisiana "Being free—being given permission to be oneself. In the tradition of being unrestricted—to freely question and to find the answer in the question." TRACI GOZA Dancer, Houston, Texas "Living a simple life. Being present to life as it is. Not that I even know what that is." SIDDHARTHA Brahmin's Son, India More »
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