Living and practicing harmoniously with others is essential to Buddhist teachings
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    DOC O'CONNOR Office Manager, LaGrange, Ohio "Long pilgrimages to Asia. I'm just back from five months in India and Nepal with a more balanced foundation for dealing with my own chaotic American culture." FATHER ALLEN BREAUX Pastor, St. Rita Catholic Church, St. Martinsville, Louisiana "Being free—being given permission to be oneself. In the tradition of being unrestricted—to freely question and to find the answer in the question." TRACI GOZA Dancer, Houston, Texas "Living a simple life. Being present to life as it is. Not that I even know what that is." SIDDHARTHA Brahmin's Son, India More »
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    The Sixth Precept: Stop bad mouthing people, you idiot! More »
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    One bitter night, in the rough end of New Haven, Connecticut, fifteen-year-old Vinny Ferraro and his friends were hanging out as usual by the projects, near the corner where Ferraro sold drugs—mostly coke, but also heroin, hash, and LSD. His father, a junkie and career criminal, had schooled Ferraro in the trade. “You’re the man of the house now,” he had told Ferraro over the phone from prison—meaning he was expected to sell drugs to support his mother, also an addict, and two sisters. In fact, Ferraro couldn’t remember a time before drugs or the constant, gut-gnawing menace and paranoia that came with the game: He’d first smuggled heroin into jail for his old man when he was ten. More »
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    I doubt that you need to hear more dire predictions about the ongoing destruction of our natural environment in order to be motivated to work to save it. In fact, too many dire predictions can make us throw up our hands in despair. So I’m not going to tell you how many species a day are becoming extinct, or how soon your home will be covered by melted polar ice. You already know it’s too many and too soon. More »