Living and practicing harmoniously with others is essential to Buddhist teachings
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    Buddha Buzz: The Game of Life The number of English-language Buddhist board games in the world doubled in size in recent months, to an astounding . . . two! You now have your choice of rainy day dharma fun between BuddhaWheel and the recently unveiled Karma Chakra. Both feature attractive designs, with Tibetan mandalas making the logical conversion to playing fields, but with price tags of forty-five dollars for Karma Chakra and about eighty dollars for BuddhaWheel, you might want to consider dusting off that old Monopoly board one more time.   Nuddhism More »
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    Karen Armstrong on 9/11 and the dark side of religion Paid Member

    9/11 caught almost all of us by surprise, and now it may also be surprising that this terrible day happened almost ten years ago. In the month of September on, we'll be considering 9/11 and the storm of anger and fear it brought into our lives. Visit this Tricycle Community discussion to hear what "Buddhist Atheist" Stephen Batchelor and Acharya Judy Lief of the Shambhala tradition had to say about the events of 9/11 in our November 2001 issue. Then read our 2003 interview with Karen Amrstrong, who, amid the furious buildup to war with Saddam Hussein's Iraq, was speaking sensibly about fundamentalism's phony claims to authenticity. More »
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    Buddhism and Religious Diversity Paid Member

    It is a fact that we live in a religiously diverse world. Religious diversity can and often does result in grave misunderstanding, hostility, and, as we know all too well, conflict, with unacceptable costs to human life and well-being. For this reason, among others, it is incumbent on responsible people to know how to think clearly and compassionately about religious diversity. For Buddhists, it is important in thinking about such issues to use Buddhist tools and views, lest our attitudes and actions simply reflect the biases and reactions we have absorbed from the surrounding culture. More »
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    Dana (“giving”) is the most fundamental of all Buddhist practices. It is the first topic in the Buddha’s graduated talks, the first step on the bodhisattva’s path to perfection, and the first of the ten paramitas  (perfections) in the Mahayana tradition. It therefore sets the tone for all that follows in the spiritual journey. -Andrew Olendzki, "Dana" Tricycle's "Good Work" section, complete list: More »