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    Buddha's Nature Paid Member

    What was your intention in writing this book? My intention was to offer people my understanding of the dharma, including the use of the new information from the evolutionary sciences, as possible skillful means and support for liberation. Over the years, I have come to recognize that the discoveries in evolutionary science are really profound teachings of dharma, pointing to the truths of anatta (no-self), or dependent co-arising. How does understanding or practicing the dharma affect our understanding of the new sciences? More »
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    Tibet: Through the Red Box Paid Member

    Tibet: Through the Red BoxPeter SisFarrar Strauss Giroux: New York, 199858 pp., $25.00 (cloth) In Tibet: Through the Red Box, Peter Sis has created a picture book for children that can speak eloquently to their parents as well. Based on bedtime stories Sis was told as a child, the book was written as a tribute to his father, whose Tibetan travel diary from the 1950s is the Red Box of the title. More »
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    Sacred Vows Paid Member

    Sacred VowsU Sam OeurTranslated from the Khmer by Ken McCullough and U Sam OeurCoffee House Press: Minneapolis, 1998226 pp.; $15.00 (paper) More »
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    Landscapes of Wonder Paid Member

    Landscapes of WonderDiscovering Buddhist Dhamma in the World Around UsBhikku NyanasobhanoWisdom Publications: Boston, 1998192 pp; $14.95 (paper) This book is sure to appeal to Western readers. Chock-full of koanlike epiphanies at each turn, it offers the richness of Theravada Buddhist teachings reinterpreted together with keen observations about what Nature can teach us concerning life, change, and death. More »
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    Putting Buddhism to Work Paid Member

    Putting Buddhism to WorkA New Approach to Management and BusinessShinichi InoueTranslated by Duncan Ryuken WilliamsKodansha International: New York, 1997144 pp., $18 (cloth) What an appealing idea for a book: an examination of a Buddhist approach to business, written by Shinichi Inoue, a Japanese economist in Japan’s financial industry who has been a president of Japan’s Miyazaki Bank and is the chairman of the Foundation for the Promotion of Buddhism. More »
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    The Bond Between Women Paid Member

    The Bond Between WomenA Journey to Fierce CompassionChina GallandRiverhead Books: New York, 1998344 pp.; $25.95 (cloth) Can ferocity be spiritual? Can anger be a positive force? Can this suffering world be saved, and each of our personal histories simultaneously rescued? In The Bond Between Women, China Galland relates her search for answers to determine if these things are possible. If they are not possible just yet, she’s driven by pain—hers, and the world’s—to make them so. More »