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    Boundless Healing Paid Member

    Boundless HealingMeditation Practices to Enlighten the Mind and BodyTulku ThondupShambhala Publications:Boston, 2000224 pp.; $22.05 (hardcover) More »
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    Cleansing the Doors of Perception Paid Member

    Cleansing the Doors of PerceptionThe Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and ChemicalsHuston SmithTarcher/Putnam: New York, 2000173 pp.; $22.95 (hardcover) More »
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    Chat with Eric Stoltz Paid Member

    Tell us about your current role on "Chicago Hope." I play Dr. Robert Yeats, educated at Harvard and apparently one of the few professionals on television who isn't a type-A personality. I dress very well, and—with the exception of my hair—am fairly well put together. Whose idea was it for you to be engaged in Tibetan Buddhism? More »
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    Music Reviews Paid Member

    Ritual Music and Chants of the Gelug TraditionMonks of the Sera Je MonasteryAmianta Records$19.97; Compact Disc  Naked SpiritSainkho Amiata Records$16.97; Compact Disc More »
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    The Tibetans Paid Member

    The TibetansA Struggle to SurviveSteve Lehman Red Wheelbarrow/Umbrage:New York, 1998200 pp.; $45.00 (cloth) More »
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    I Give You My Life Paid Member

    I Give You My LifeThe Autobiography of a Western Buddhist NunAyya KhemaTranslated by Sherab Chodzin KohnShambhala Publications: Boston, 1998240 pp.; $22.00 (cloth) By the end of Ayya Khema's autobiography, one envies this woman who has lived many lives and who has the gift of absolute conviction. Born Ilse Rosenthal to a prosperous German Jewish family in 1923, Khema becomes refugee, housewife, mother, divorcee, world traveler, and even a farmer before finding Buddhism in middle age and diving into it with typical decisiveness. More »