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    Putting Buddhism to Work Paid Member

    Putting Buddhism to WorkA New Approach to Management and BusinessShinichi InoueTranslated by Duncan Ryuken WilliamsKodansha International: New York, 1997144 pp., $18 (cloth) What an appealing idea for a book: an examination of a Buddhist approach to business, written by Shinichi Inoue, a Japanese economist in Japan’s financial industry who has been a president of Japan’s Miyazaki Bank and is the chairman of the Foundation for the Promotion of Buddhism. More »
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    The Bond Between Women Paid Member

    The Bond Between WomenA Journey to Fierce CompassionChina GallandRiverhead Books: New York, 1998344 pp.; $25.95 (cloth) Can ferocity be spiritual? Can anger be a positive force? Can this suffering world be saved, and each of our personal histories simultaneously rescued? In The Bond Between Women, China Galland relates her search for answers to determine if these things are possible. If they are not possible just yet, she’s driven by pain—hers, and the world’s—to make them so. More »
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    Developing Balanced Sensitivity Paid Member

    Developing Balanced Sensitivity: Practical Buddhist Exercises for Daily LifeAlexander BerzinSnow Lion Publications: Ithaca, 1998275 pp., $14.95 (paper) What do you get when you cross Abhidharma (Buddhist psychology) with Lojong (a Tibetan Buddhist tradition of spiritual transformation), marry it to the contemporary Western tradition of self-help, and dress up the hybrid offspring as a workshop manual? You get Developing Balanced Sensitivity, by Alexander Berzin, which, in spite of its unusual and ingenious format, is unmistakably a guide to Buddhist practice. More »
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    About Books Paid Member

    Titles about the 2,500-year-old Eastern tradition are among the hottest sellers in religion books, attracting readers who once wouldn’t have known a lama from a lamp. At Chicago’s Transitions Book-place, Buddhist books “fly off our shelves, we can’t keep them in stock,” said co-owner Howard Mandel. At Bodhi Tree Bookstore in West Hollywood, California, books from longtime Buddhist publishers like Wisdom and Dharma share shelf space with titles from imprints like Putnam’s Riverhead and BDD’s Broadway Books, which launched its first Buddhism title two years ago. At least two new players will soon join the game, with Seastone, a new imprint from Ulysses, and White Cloud Press offering its first Buddhist titles in the next year.” More »
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    Buddha Book Paid Member

    Buddha Book presents full-color depictions of the Buddha both East and West, classic and contemporary, with an introduction by Robert A. F. Thurman. Newly released from Chronicle Books, in association with Tricycle, the Buddha Book is an invitation to contemplate the changing face of enlightenment. More »
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    The Reluctant Mystic Paid Member

    Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever's Search for the Truth About Everything By Barbara EhrenreichGrand Central Publishing 256 pp.; $26.00 cloth More »