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    Buddha Buzz Fall 2015 Paid Member

    Diplomacy Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to China bearing gifts—and Buddhist ones at that. In a visit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Modi presented a Buddha statue and a replica casket full of relics. Optics trumped generosity, however, when the Indian government tweeted a picture of the items. The Buddha, clearly offended, shot back with 72 characters of his own: You should not praise yourself, calling attention to your good deeds. #IfOnlyHeWereOnTwitterPrayer to the People More »
  • On the Voices in Your Head Paid Member

    The ads for Disney-Pixar’s new animated film, Inside Out, invite you to “meet the little voices inside your head.” You meet them, as it turns out, as color-coded little avatars of Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear, jostling one another to work the buttons and levers of the personality’s control panel in—ahem—Headquarters. The film is visually stunning, consistently hilarious, and often moving. But does it jibe with the experience of those of us who sit down on cushions and meet the little voices in our heads every day? How consistent is the film with the insights of Buddhadharma? More »
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    This is how it will be:we will take a walk on concrete, not blue tiles, and you will pretend to be disappointed.This will have the quality of a ritual. In the morning, the sun will fall from the sky;we will protect ourselves against its fire.It is not so unbearable, but we have learnt to be wary of arrivals from the east. We are unbeautiful here;our stay in the plains has rendered us so.But whispers now carry endearments,and we will not have it any other way. More »
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    Buddha Buzz Summer 2015 Paid Member

    If the Buddha Had an iPhone Emojis—the little icons available on text messaging keyboards—transmit not only the agonies and ecstasies of millennial micro-drama but also, it turns out, the ageless teachings of the Buddha. Take a whirl and see how many of the five precepts you can identify in the picture above. Answers: (1) Abstain from killing. (2) Abstain from stealing. (3) Abstain from false speech. (4) Abstain from sexual misconduct. (5) Abstain from the abuse of intoxicants.Pop More »
  • Arriving Without a Sound Paid Member

    Myokyo Dream "Stop fidgeting" she saysI'm picking candle wax off my robesWe're all sitting in the ZendoPeople of all ages introducing themselves. "I'm here because I read too much" I say. August 4, 2007 There Are Those Buddhists                   like myselfwho do not scorn the ideaof mere “things” possessinga sanctityof their own More »