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    Books: Art, archaeology, and inspiration: long-lost Buddhist art comes to light Cave Temples of MogaoArt and History on the Silk RoadRoderick Whitfield, Susan Whitfield, Neville AgnewPhotography: Lois Conner and Wu JianThe Getty Conservation Institute and the J. Paul Getty Museum:Los Angeles, 2000144 pp.; $29.95 The Dalai Lama’s Secret TempleTantric Wall Paintings from TibetIan A. BakerPhotography: Thomas LairdThames and Hudson:New York, 2000216 pp.; $65.00 More »
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    Widening Circles Paid Member

    You devote a chapter to the time you spent studying the Sarvodaya movement—the Buddhist-inspired community development program—in Sri Lanka. When I first dove into the dharma in India with the Tibetans I had this hunch that the teachings of the Buddha could free people to respond creatively and fearlessly to the needs and challenges of their society. Then, when I later visited Sri Lanka in the course of my doctoral work, I was astonished to find that here was a whole movement, the Sarvodaya movement, active in thousands of villages, that was already doing what I had imagined might someday be possible. More »
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    Beautiful Work Paid Member

    Beautiful WorkA Meditation on PainSharon CameronDuke University Press: Durham, 2000121 pp.; $18.95 (cloth) “Inside of pain is the whole world,” comments Sharon Cameron. To get inside pain—to move around freely in it, and to pay sustained attention to it—is the point of her confidently elliptical book. If pain is “the whole world,” then can it offer us an open pathway, and not the usual dead end? More »
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    Boundless Healing Paid Member

    Boundless HealingMeditation Practices to Enlighten the Mind and BodyTulku ThondupShambhala Publications:Boston, 2000224 pp.; $22.05 (hardcover) More »
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    Cleansing the Doors of Perception Paid Member

    Cleansing the Doors of PerceptionThe Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and ChemicalsHuston SmithTarcher/Putnam: New York, 2000173 pp.; $22.95 (hardcover) More »
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    Chat with Eric Stoltz Paid Member

    Tell us about your current role on "Chicago Hope." I play Dr. Robert Yeats, educated at Harvard and apparently one of the few professionals on television who isn't a type-A personality. I dress very well, and—with the exception of my hair—am fairly well put together. Whose idea was it for you to be engaged in Tibetan Buddhism? More »