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    After Buddhism Paid Member

    Stephen Batchelor takes a selfie on Instagram. Follow him @agnostic108. Probably the most prominent proponent of “Secular Buddhism,” writer, artist, and lay scholar Stephen Batchelor has been a contributor to Tricycle since its third issue (Spring 1992). His latest book, After Buddhism: Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age (2015), represents the culmination of four decades of Buddhist study and practice in the Tibetan, Son (Korean Zen), and early Pali Buddhist traditions. “While many Asians are Buddhists who find themselves being secularized,” Batchelor writes, “I am a secular European in the process of finding out what it means to be Buddhist.” More »
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    Gary Snyder's Tracks Paid Member

    This Present Moment: New PoemsGary SnyderCounterpoint Press, 201588 pp.; $22.00 (Cloth)  A flat package arrived in the mail 15 years ago. When I opened the envelope it held a photocopy of the Candamaharoshana Tantra, both its original Sanskrit text and an English translation by the scholar Christopher S. George. A note Gary Snyder had tucked inside said, “I only give this to friends over 40, and married.” More »
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    The Lost Tradition of Tibetan Zen Paid Member

    Tibetan Zen: Discovering a Lost TraditionSam van SchaikSnow Lion, 2015240 pp.; $21.95 (Paper)  More »
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    A Flash of Insight Paid Member

    Therigatha: Poems of the First Buddhist Women Translated by Charles HalliseyHarvard University Press, 2015336 pp.;$29.95 (Cloth)  More »
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    Brief Teachings Fall 2015 Paid Member