Wide Awake

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Director: Alan Berliner

Year: 2006

A film that balances the precision of a Swiss watch with the messiness of a restless mind, Wide Awake is filmmaker Alan Berliner’s uniquely personal tour through his life-long obsession with insomnia. Using both metaphor and candid first-person observations to illuminate how an obsessive mind that won't shut down at night leaves him feeling "jet-lagged in his own time zone," Berliner eventually reveals how he has turned this obsessive energy into a source of fuel and inspiration for his creative work.

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kashif's picture

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Debra D. Chamblee's picture

Letting go happens as we fall asleep at night. When unable to let go we are caught up in the tangles of thought and rest that comes with awareness escapes us.

zenaidas's picture

Too egotistical!! Turn attention on others' well being and be well.

kashif's picture

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lburnor's picture

Letting go happens as we fall asleep at night. When unable to let go we are caught up in the tangles of thought and rest that comes with awareness escapes us.

This film was kind of a koan for me. Appreciate the subtlety. I watched it a couple of hours before bed and slept really well that night.


Philvfenty's picture

I really enjoyed the film found myself laughing out loud. Maybe some of it was that for many years i would say sleep was a great waste of time but being a photographer who could stay in the darkroom all night or at least till my wife banged on the door and said come to bed. Now its genealogy which could do the same, I'm also an artist and a collector, i would like to be as organized as he is, while watching the film i was trying to organize some desk stuff he is an inspiration. Would like to see what other films he has made.
Judith what i find enlightening about his film and anyone who moves forward and who looks deeply into their own self to see how and why they do what they do is enlightening, every day at as many times as i can i search to see the inner self and am thrilled when something pops out that gives me further insight.
And i think his family are great especially his wife, i know what my wife puts up with.

Stephen's picture

I really liked it, maybe because I'm a Creative OC type myself. Did have insomnia issues when still in my career (classroom teaching) but sleeping well now I'm retired.
Interestingly, I found the pace of the editing somewhat hypnotic and started to nod off. Love the vintage footage, very cool, and well, Eli stole my heart, the film, everything. What a beautiful perfect loving little human specimen. Just hang out with him Alan - and your problems will be solved.
And keep making films. You are a really cool filmmaker.

diana_collins's picture

On Your Own
No one outside yourself can give you anything of value.
Be alive to yourself in all your joys and grief. Harsh
reality is a window to sweet liberation.
Everyday Zen by Stephanie Jt Russell

jackelope65's picture

Insomnia is a massive problem and worthy of a film in Tricycle. Blaming your parents and genetics may relate to causes but will never help insomnia. This guy exemplifies the major self induced causes of insomnia. You even heard experts tell him 'Do not work up until bedtime,' no screen time before bed-read, go to bed and get up at the same time no matter how much or how little sleep we get: essential for developing and maintaining a circadian rhythm. Genetically my mom, myself, and my daughter were/are insomniacs. Going through MD training before rules of rest were developed, certainly did not help. In early adulthood, I did stress about not sleeping but it only made the insomnia worse. However, I realized that the stress and restlessness impaired my daytime performance much more than the lack of sleep. I began to just accept resting rather than sleeping and I felt less tired and returned to sleep more easily. Metta practice helps me to fall asleep and I have now realized that regular daytime meditation allows me to remain more calm at night. The movie did make the important point of having a sleep study especially if snoring(with apnea) and hypertensive as sleep apnea is a very dangerous medical condition. The benefits of sleeping pills are very limited for chronic apnea. However, the very simple rules for helping insomnia cannot be glossed over, and were in the film, and must all be followed together, not in sequence. Most were mentioned in the film. No screens at least one hour before bed; if you cannot fall asleep or wake up unable to return to sleep, get up and read a book, that is not overstimulating, until tired; some insomniacs should not drink alcohol at all; limit coffee and other stimulants, using none after mid day or, if necessary, quit altogether; exercise regularly; relax, pray, meditate once or more per day but do not nap; nothing but sleep and sex in the bedroom(He even admits to having a TV there); do not eat large amounts late at night especially with GERD; take vacations and time off for yourself and your family; first morning sun is especially important for mood and sleep. If winter is dark, use light therapy in the AM. I also agree: stop whining about it. I have had patients machine gunned into a pile with their families in countries where starvation, thirst, infectious disease are commonplace. They complained little and showed gratitude for the help they finally received. It may be worthwhile for Alan to watch the Naikan retreat, and show a little more gratitude.

jlbergj's picture

How is this film enlightening? I cannot sleep either but I don't bore whoever will listen with details of my insomnia. I am perplexed by the choice of this film by the staff of Tricycle. Please enlighten me.

CelticPurl's picture

He's very self obsessed. Yikes!

oliverhow's picture

....please, watch your own film, that should put you to sleep...worked for me!