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Un Buda

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Now playing: Un Buda (March 1–31)

Two brothers orphaned by war and driven apart by divergent interests struggle to reconcile their differences until they're brought together at a Zen Center in Buenos Aires. What happens next in this feature film, directed by Argentine Zen teacher Diego Rafecas, will eliminate any remaining separation you think lies between what constitutes dharma and what constitutes life.

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miaenne's picture

What a great, inspiring movie! It fills us with mindfulness. I particularly appreciated the mondō part — I'm always too shy to ask questions to my master, and this movie has taught me a great lesson :) _/\_

lora.mountjoy's picture

so glad I stayed home and watched this instead of going out to be "entertained". Deeply moving.

Philvfenty's picture

A wonderful presentation of Zazen, the Master was perfect and the Love of the two brothers and their search for completion on the path. Different paths leading to the same end, perfect. The surprise ending brought tears for sure, thank you all for this wonderful teaching.

kimberlycoaching's picture

Inspired, conflicts, moved to tears. Thank you ... I will sleep in peace

kmsounds's picture

Que bueno!

ahimsabue's picture

Very good movie! The Zen monastery in the film actually exists in the province of Córdoba, Argentina:

giankar's picture

Absolutely amazing. Shame about the references to "god" and "soul" to make it understandable to christian audiences. It's time to explain that Christ (Maitreya) was buddhist, not the other way round...

hermestom's picture

gracias por esta película conmovedora
me llamo Tomás tambien

melanie.hunter5's picture

What a wonderful movie! Moving and humorous! I have just joined Tricycle and am very glad that I have. I often don't see any sense to watching meaningless TV dramas etc. It is absolutely heart warming to watch such a meaningful movie. It really makes me realise the power of dharma teachings within our everyday lives. Thank you.

Jesper's picture


Daisymom's picture

This was one of the best movies I've seen here...and I renew primarily for the fm series. Never disappoints. But this brought home so many aspects...karma, synchronicity, power of love, the mystery of love, the unanswerable violence in life, which I struggle to accept...and yet, "beauty for ashes" here....
Question: did I miss this in the film....or did I not see any recognition of the blond woman that her boyfriends younger brother was the one she got fired from her office? I didn't see any moment between the two of Whoa! Anyone else, or did I miss something? Bottom line I loved this story of we're all connected.

connie_moffit's picture

They look a bit alike, but the two blonde women are different people and different characters.

thinkpaz's picture

My heart is warm; my heart is full. The power of this film cannot be understated. This film was captivating on so many levels not the least of which was the demonstration of the spiritual path and its mysteries that reveal themselves in due time. The Dharma Wheel is ever turning!'s picture

Beautiful film, much appreciated

dharmon's picture

How wonderful ... A truly touching and evocative film. I'm so very grateful for the Film Club!

EasyDuzIt's picture

Thank you. What a lovely film.

elaine_kuligowski's picture

Really lovely.

Nina's picture

Fabulous. Moving, made me laugh and cry and want to stay in a Zen Centre! Many thanks.

Avinash1234's picture

much pretty, enjoyable.

jagoseo's picture

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edrowe0's picture

Enjoyed this - excellent look into the human heart. Gassho

freshwindbrightsky's picture

Very good film, thank you!

myers_lloyd's picture

I found this so moving--it was a great film for me. Thank you.

lorry.onosson's picture

Very exceptional film! Thank you!'s picture


etanonline's picture

great video and great filming

marissacaldeira2012's picture

Enjoyed the film very much. Loved the explanation of the terminology during zazen practice!'s picture

It's a great film about human suffering! Thank you for sharing this film.

ronin333's picture

Gassho! Beautiful offering!

Marys's picture


Deborah's picture


beppecam1's picture

Wonderful. Thanks. Thanks. Loving kindness to you all

vikingraver's picture

I've been sitting zazen for 3 years... when do I get dreams powers!?!?! lol

giankar's picture

He has the dream powers before zazen. It builds up across many lifes...

sanghadass's picture

the internet has made the dream powers redundant - u got to move with the times. what will they think of next? i am still dreaming about the nun - who put that thought in my head?

sanghadass's picture

beautiful i think i am in love with the head nun. :-)

giankar's picture

Welcome to the Vajrayana (next buddha will be argentine) :)

mattbard's picture or two spots were rough... 99% homerun !!! great story, and reminded me of Argentina friend I met in sri lanka....... truly, life is dharma and vice versa....... very nice film. I look forward to more. thank you..... matt's picture

I agree with you mattbard. A couple of rough spots with a good look at the journey from a Western perspective.

stking49's picture

I loved it. Laughed, cried. Absolutely wonderful.