Valley of the Heroes

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"When no one listens, no one tells, and when no one tells, no one learns." So goes a Tibetan proverb—unfortunately, a prophetic one—that serves as a chilling backdrop to this documentary about the the decline of young Tibetans learning the region's language and an inspiring group of university students seeking not only to halt the trend, but to reverse it. 

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Berniemcg's picture

This was a troubling film about the erosion of a culture from underneath the families of the Tibetian's in China. In this day and age I would hope that the elders and youth can work diligently to preserve their language, customs, sutras, and history. History has shown that the loss of culture is terminal.

dharmon's picture

I thoroughly enjoyed this somewhat saddening film. Thank you for screening it. Thuk je che.

mattbard's picture

...... tibet as a country is so "over"... as a culture : it must continue , for Tibet peoples to know who they are.... Language carries so much identity , and comfort. This video is very well done. The images are artistic, the characters so real, the emotion so human. a cautionary tale it is deeply scary . The work of the students is impressive, humanitarian and just plain great and powerful on many levels . keep up the good work and thank you. matt

suerkranz's picture

Great idea?? Or even to view them a second time (or more!)...


discoskwalla's picture

why don't the tricycle staff backlog the film club as well, it would be nice to see some of the videos i missed before i became a sustaining member....

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi discoskwalla,
If we could, we would! But we don't own any of the films that we show in our Film Club; they are only licensed to us to screen on our site for one month. So it would be illegal for us to backlog them, unfortunately.

robynsmith's picture

Is there a place to get a list of all the past films that are within the Film Club?

The girlfriend and I aspire to spend more time doing this stuff together and seeing a list of what makes it to tricycle would be great - then I could obtain the backlog myself (maybe buy it directly from the film makers website etc.)?


pericat's picture

I was wondering this myself, and now I know the reason. Thanks for clearing that up.