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Director: Richie Mehta

Year: 2013

Mahendra Saini is a Delhi street peddler and zipper repairman in dire straits. His business has stalled and, in an economic pinch, he recruits his 12-year old son Siddharth to earn a second income. When Siddharth goes missing, a byzantine search through the streets, social services, and civic bureaucracy begins. Winner of the awards for Best Film and Best Director at the South Asian International Film Festival, the film takes aim at a cruel economic reality.

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trailpaloma's picture

It seemed to me a very happy ending; a deeper peaceful happiness.
The parents' final letting go of clinging to the horrible tragedy of losing their son, that came with unexpected love and wisdom of the father's father; the love and kindness of the uncle and his wife, the compassion of both strangers and friends, and the discovery of the treasures of the remaining family in the present moment, I felt were a gift and a form of liberation.

LindaG's picture

I so wanted a happy ending. Yet I got the oft repeated moral story: do everything you can, then...chop wood and carry water.

mbennison61's picture

Spot on then :-)

LindaG's picture

Indeed :)

oliverhow's picture

,,,profoundly moving and disturbing film but brilliantly executed....beautifully directed, acted and produced...first rate script, editing, cinematography, etc., which not only allowed us to be caught up in it immediately but caused us to live the story as if we were actually present.....a stunning first rate film...five stars out of five and both thumbs up!....... richard's picture

What a terribly sad story, so much of this is happening in different countries and here in U.S its daily. How a parent can protect their children from these cruel and sick people I don't have the answer. Its so much more now but when I was a child Iiving in the U.K and was abducted by gypsies that luckily treated me nicely and I was found shortly afterwards. I can imagine how frightened the little boy is and hope he is found and so many others.

dixraile's picture

Beautiful film but such a sad story.