Dying & Death

A Tricycle Special Section


That drunk-on-his-sons-and-cattle man,
all tangled up in the mind:
death sweeps him away—
as a great flood,
a village asleep.
There are         no sons
to give shelter,
           no father,
          no family
for one seized by [Death],
no shelter among kin.
this force of reasoning,
the wise man, restrained by virtue,
should make the path pure
    —right away—
that goes all the way to Unbinding.
             —Dhammapada, 287–289
             (trans. Thanissaro Bhikkhu)

Next page: Our special section on Dying & Death's table of contents, with an introduction by Mary Talbot.

Image: Inside the View, No. 3 © 2005 Helen Sear, courtesy of Klompching gallery.

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