Dharma Dogs

These stories present varying views—traditional and new—which, collectively, reflect the ancient dharma debate on whether or not a dog has Buddha-nature. Tina Fields, Pico Iyer, Elsie Mitchell, Darryl Ponicsan, and Tom Robbins give us contemporary views. Griffin Foulk sets the record straight. And in one traditional story, the Buddha cautions that imitating a dog will not lead to enlightenment.

Dharma Dogs: Table of Contents

Kukkuripa, The Dog Lover: A Traditional Tibetan Tale

Does a Dog Have Buddha-Nature?by T. Griffith Foulk

Dog(ma), by Tom Robbins

Dogs of Buddha, by Elsie P. Mitchell

The Dog's Tooth, by Rafe Martin

All Sentient Beings, by Tina Fields

Dog, by Darryl Ponicsan

The Dog-Duty Ascetic: Adapted from the Kukkuravatika Sutta

Dogs Abroad, by Pico Iyer

Photographs by William Wegman

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