Tricycle/Fall 2003

Volume 13, Number 1

In This Issue


  • Jeff Wilson
  • How to wash and dress a Buddhist corpse
    Shinmon Aoki
  • Stirring a pot of chili, Prabu Vasan learns an unexpected lesson in what it means to feed the soul.
    Prabu Vasan
  • Have you ever tried to catch a cloud?
    John P. O’Grady
  • A poem by Andrew Schelling 
    Andrew Schelling
  • Barbara Gates learns to use a jackhammer to uncover the neglected realms of the self.
    Barbara Gates
  • Experiments to unlock the wonder of everyday life
    Roger-Pol Droit
  • Jews for Jesus and the Buddhadharma

on food

practical pilgrim

special section


on location

  • Monks and gangsters come together to receive the blessings of a spiritual prophylaxis: Buddhist tattoos.
    Terisa Green

sangha spotlight

on the cushion

  • A reader from Woodstock, New York, writes: “Is it possible to have a meaningful meditation practice in the absence of a living teacher?”
    Steve Hagen

on gardening



  • Author Aldous Huxley played an early and instrumental role in popularizing buddhism in the west. but what was his view of buddhism? and what does it offer buddhists today? Dana Sawyer reports.
    Dana Sawyer

on practice

  • Travel the river of the mind to the vast ocean
    Ogyen Trinley Dorje, The 17th Karmapa

dharma talk

  • Should we take the Buddha at his word? Larry Rosenberg encourages us to put the teachings to the test.
    Larry Rosenberg



editors view