Tricycle/Fall 2002

Volume 12, Number 1

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on the cushion

  • Q & A with Lama Surya Das
    Lama Surya Das


  • Is spirituality the best thing that can happen to your mate? Think again. Mariana Caplan on the unfortunate truths of spiritual boyfriends.
    Mariana Caplan
  • John Suiter reflects upon Gary Snyder's poetic hermitage within the Cascades of Washington State.
    John Suiter
  • Marc Peter Keane’s contemplations on the Japanese garden offer insights for the “philosophical gardener (or the gardening philosopher).”
    Marc Peter Keane
  • Spiritual guru Ram Dass quotes his latest book, One-Liners.
    Ram Dass
  • In Robert Aitken Roshi's forthcoming book, Zen Master Raven offers shrewd advice to his animal sangha.
    Robert Aitken Roshi

special section


  • Modern Buddhism—with its roots in colonial Asia—claims to return to the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. Has a new sect emerged?
    Donald S. Lopez, Jr.
  • Jesus may be Lord and Elvis still King, but the Dharma has come to Dixie to stay. Jeff Wilson travels the new frontier, where East meets South.
    Jeff Wilson
  • An interview with Stephen Batchelor
    James Shaheen


  • Sallie Jiko Tisdale recovers a women’s lineage of Buddhist ancestors.
    Sallie Jiko Tisdale

on practice

  • From dishes to dusting, from window-washing to bed-making, housekeeping provides an everyday opportunity for practice.
    Gary Thorp

parting words

on gardening

on food

on location

  • Sergei Noskov became acquainted with Buddhism as a child, when he was captivated by the beauty of Buryat Buddhist thangkas and the ritual figurines in his family’s Leningrad apartment.
    John Varoli

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in memoriam

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