Tricycle/Fall 2001

Volume 11, Number 1

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  • Few disciples were as important as Sanghamitta in the early history of Buddhism. As a young nun, Sanghamitta fearlessly set sail from India to Sri Lanka, where she helped establish Theravada Buddhism.
    Barbara Crossette


special section

  • An Interview With His Holiness The Fourteenth Dalai Lama
  • Remembering Allen Ginsberg, Masatoshi Nagatomi, Rick Fields, and Lex Hixon.
  • A remembrance of Rick Fields by his nephew.
    Benjamin Bogin
  • Allen Ginsberg
  • Duncan Ryuken Williams
  • A timeline compiled by Jeff Wilson.
    Jeff Wilson
  • A thirty-four-year-old dharma teacher provides a daring look at some old obstacles and new opportunities that attend seeding Buddha-dharma in the West.
    Scott Hunt
  • An American abbot in California, trained in the Thai Forest tradition, chooses the fringes of wilderness over domesticated urban Buddhism and extols the virtues of the wandering, mendicant monk.
    Thanissaro Bhikkhu
  • For 150 years, the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) was the almost exclusive domain of Japanese Americans. Now, with an increasingly diversified membership and new publications on Pure Land teachings, the BCA is riding the winds of chamge.
    Taitetsu Unno
  • As Buddhist teachings on suffering and the nature of self continue to spread in the West, psychotherapists have begun to recover the spiritual possibilities inherent in their work.
    Mark Epstein, M.D.
  • A Zen priest looks at the growing pains of Zen after a half-century of evolution in the West.
    Sallie Jiko Tisdale
  • John House, managing editor of Yahoo Internet Life, recounts his odyssey from an isolated buckwheat zafu to the vast interconnected reaches of dharma online.
    John House
  • The last thirty years have seen an exponential growth of the Western Vipassana community. As every indication is that this will continue, what developments can we expect over the next ten years?
    Gil Fronsdal
  • In Japan Soka Gakkai has ten million followers and is the most dynamic Buddhist organization in that country. In America, it's among the fastest growing Buddhist traditions. Yet, its complex and tumultuous history has left it shrouded in misunderstandings.
    Richard Hughes Seager
  • A well-respected Buddhist teacher once humorously remarked, "If the Buddha could be cloned, great!"
    Christina Desser
  • An itinerant translator and lama visualizes her wish list for the unfolding of Vajrayana in the West.
    Sarah Harding



  • With the birth of her son, Anne Cushman began negotiating the dance between practice and parenting. She asks, "Are mothers changing the forms of Buddhism in America?"
    Anne Cushman
  • Tom Drury explores the dream of home in a story about families, past and present.
    Tom Drury
  • Noelle Oxenhandler reflects on coming into practice along the trickster path.
    Noelle Oxenhandler


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