Tricycle/Fall 2000

Volume 10, Number 1

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  • In an essay found on Colin Turnbull's computer following his death from AIDS in 1994, this internationally known author of The Forest People writes of becoming a Tibetan monk—and of the qualities of Buddha-nature that he had found years earlier among the Mbuti Pygmies of the eastern Congo. 


  • Wes Nisker
  • In court: Lawyers and judges who practice dharma
    Mary Talbot
  • Joan D. Stamm on how the Japanese art of flower arranging reveals the intrinsic unity of nature, art, and religion.

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  • Gustav Niebuhr, Charles Johnson, Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron, Russell C. Leong, Anne Jeffries, Neil Gordon
  • Sure, illegal fund-raising occurred at the Buddhist temple. But is this really why it has become a political football?
    Gustav Niebuhr
  • Charles Johnson suggests that we take to heart Benjamin Franklin’s challenge: “Democracy is an invitation to struggle.”
    Charles Johnson
  • An American Tibetan nun looks at how Buddhists can become wise citizens
    Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron
  • Russell C. Leong takes a closer look at the Hsi Lai Temple controversy and asks: Are Asian Americans being singled out again?
    Russell C. Leong
  • A story by Anne Jeffries
    Anne Jeffries
  • Neil Gordon
  • Doug Booth travels to an ancient monastery in Burma for a vipassana retreat where he combats mosquitoes and materialism
    Doug Booth

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