Love Is All Around

Recognizing the unconditional love in our lives. Includes two guided meditations.

John Makransky

Wisdom Collection

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I grew up with a sense of indemnity, with fierce competition, animosity and rage. There was a sense of bullying which always made the people in my family seek revenge. The bullying did not start and end just with those bigger than I was sometimes the smaller and younger troops would become highly provocative and violent. In my life as a Buddhist I look for that loving compassion that helps me to accept myself. It is not just the present moment but a philosophy of peace, prosperity and letting go that I live by. It is so easy to blame others for being both a blessing and a curse to our pre conceived notion, and predeterminations. For me it is enough not to have to prove myself or my manhood but to live peaceably amongst those who bear witness to their faith, their practice and their beliefs.

jackelope65's picture

We evolved to notice the negative when we were wild beasts in the jungles ourselves, constantly threatened. However, our brains are neurologically plastic which means, as you suggest John, that we can change and appreciate all of the Lovingkindness, Compassion, and Sympathetic Joy which we have received throughout our lives. Thank you John for this beautifully described reminder.

junechun's picture

Selampert's comment is so strikingly inspiring. I think it's same as Thich Nhat Hahn's teaching about
watering the good seed in our heart, but WOW it hit me good.:)

selampert's picture

Beautifully written! "Being in a heart space simply means you are allowing one of the qualities of the heart (or heart energy) to be present in you. All the qualities of the heart are available to you, but not all are claimed. For instance, Patience is a quality of the heart that is often times claimed by mothers. To be a good friend you need to claim such heart qualities as Kindness, Gentleness, Clarity, and sometimes you may even need Strength. The list of heart qualities is almost endless.

The purpose of our life here on earth is to claim these heart energies as our own. They are our birthright, our gifts from God. Once we claim them, we can empower them through expression." Jackie Woods, Columbus NC.

mgarvey2003's picture

These are wonderful meditations, but although I know there has been and is much love in my life, I can't feel it at this time.

lfleming1019's picture

Mgarvey, it's quite some time since you wrote that you were unable to feel the love described in the article. But I am touched by the loneliness and sadness that you expressed, and want to reach back in time and tell you that I hear you. I wish for you to feel the warmth of love like sunshine on your upturned face.

johnmcclaf's picture

For those who struggle feeling love for everybody, an excellent first step is courtesy, respect and acts of kindness for strangers. If this becomes a daily objective for enough people the world will become a better place.

terrawi's picture

A timeless teaching for a hurting world!
Though I've not yet read John Makransky's book, I expect that as the true and good Buddhist he is, he also teaches that at the very same moment we're opening to receive love, we're sending it right back out with a heart-felt wish that it may be a blessing for all sentient beings.
May it be so!

mralexander99's picture

Me too.......goosebumps - tingling.....this pithy display of metta is the is contagious and delicious wonderful to receive such a delightful and thoroughly deep teaching.... A thousand kisses deep and 3 deep bows.....

robertomainetti's picture

than you so much...sathu sathu

cobham's picture

: ) Gives me goosebumps!