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Ram Dass: Fierce Grace

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Ram Dass: Fierce Grace was so popular during the final week of the Tricycle | BuddhaFest Online Film Festival we decided to make it July's Film Club selection. For the next two weeks all Supporting and Sustaining Members of the Tricycle Community can watch this incredible documentary about one of the great spiritual teachers of our time. Don't worry, all BuddhaFest Online Festival pass holders get to watch it through this extended run, too.

When Harvard expelled faculty members Richard Alpert and Timothy Leary in 1963 for LSD experimentation, Alpert, the son of a wealthy Boston lawyer, traveled to India, met his guru the Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba, affectionately know as Maharaji, and returned to the United States as Ram Dass, or "Servant of God.” Since then, Ram Dass has continued to teach, inspire and serve others for more than three decades. Named by Newsweek as one of the Top Five Non-Fiction Films of 2002, Ram Dass: Fierce Grace offers an engrossing, poignant meditation on consciousness, healing and the unexpected grace of aging.


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nortonsleeper's picture

My 'Guru' since 1974...RAM RAM RAM

burnettsc's picture

Hi, Tevalee:

Fierce Grace is available on Netflix. Hope you can catch it there.'s picture

Does anyone know how I can watch this on an iPad? Says the creator has not given permission to share embed it on this domain??????

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi Tevalee,
Unfortunately the watching period for this movie has ended, which is why the error message is appearing. Our next movie at the Tricycle Film Club starts August 6.
Emma Varvaloucas

lpleasant052's picture

Having just finished watching the movie, it is easy to say "This moment is good". Peace to you Ram Dass. Thank you for this teaching.

nanaMont's picture

So moving and so much to connect with. Thank you to the filmmakers and thank you to Ram Dass. How brave and real he shows himself to be.

Yogagirl1's picture

Amazing and inspiring. Thank you Ram Dass for being so open and causing us to re-examine the life that we thought was "all there was" and realizing there is still so much more. Thank you.

Danzen's picture

Thank you Tricycle for bringing yet another heart felt film. Also a special thanks to Ram Dass for your story of your life journey so far. I grew up in those times and except for the war life was good. I wish you well and thanks for your teachings.Blessings to you on overcomming the outcome of your stroke.

bsalie's picture

This movie was right on time for me. My 73 year old father has begun to struggle with memory loss, while he begins to acknowledge his situation and put his affairs in order and make plans for his future, his 5 children slowly begin to come to terms with the loss of who he once was and what he will be in the future and above all help him maintain his dignity and strength.

linda6's picture

Splendid. In every single way.

davidk's picture

I have to say that Ram Das and his book Be Here Now had a monumental effect on me back in my hippie dippie days that has never left me. Love you Ram Das. Thank you for all you have given.

donnamariedenton's picture

i was deeply moved by this movie. of Ram Das. Having seen what happened to my own mom and how she was not able to recover.. from her stroke, i was fearful of what this story would tell me . He was open to the possibility of his healing. I felt he had a deep reverence ,a faith that allowed the presence of God into his heart. For the many young people who knew him as Ram Das and visited that farm in New Hampshire,they knew his teachings flowing into him from his Indian Guru Maharajah
JI. With all that love he shared with them,they learned to be loving from him. They seemed changed by their experiences. After the stroke, all those exchanges of genuine caring and compassion
seemed to flow back into him. And he had a hope that he would be healed if he worked with the doctors and therapists. He has come a long way on his journey verifying his faith to be here now.
My motto is "live with zest" with every fiber of my being..i have lived 81 1/2 yrs. and i still look forward
with faith and compassion into my own soul and to those around me.. Suffering is part of life,but i don't focus on that ..It's taking care of others and finding joy in everything i can that makes this life journey so meaningful. I saw that in Ram Das's face too. He is content and at peace with where he is.
Thanks to the film makers for making this tender film about a very enlightened spirit.

Lara's picture

I'm fascinated by the brain and I was intrigued by the glimpse Ram Dass gave us of the consciousness of someone who's been 'stroked'. Even stroked, he's profound.

Will.Rowe's picture

Ram Dass is a name I knew only from the short story "By Word of Mouth," the tale from Kipling. Initially, the viewer sees The First Noble Truth: Life is suffering, here the physical--old age, sickness, and death. Coherency is lacking, and I am at a loss of what to make of the film. Is it a documentary on aging? I was thinking at this point, I may want to view this in a decade. Were I more familiar with the author, this may not have been the case.
Then the film settles into a familiar chronological pattern. From normal, unenlightened childhood, to a most promising career, and then to what appears as Chemical enlightenment, which opens a door that could not be shut; we follow his path. Gradually, he becomes dissatisfied with his chemically--altered state, and travels to India, where he meets his Guru.
As his Maharaji had instructed him earlier: “Serve people. Feed People.” Ram had did just that upon his return to the States with direct teachings. Later he wrote a book that affected many people positively. As he relates this, I do not sense it is his ego smiling, but gratitude that he has helped others. Both his film and new book give him a spiritual purpose. By accepting his stroke and what many of us see as the 1st Noble Truth—and he see as “Fierce Grace”—he serves others. What more is there for a spiritual person?

patkerr's picture

yum, yum, yum!

roswellgrl1's picture

Watching the film, I am grief strIcken, knowing that I fell back asleep for 20 years, and I am ready to be here now, thanks be to Ram Dass. Blessing and Gratitude for making this available.

LynnMM's picture

Great documentary, beautiful lessons learned. Thank you!

tjfryberger's picture

Seen this before and watched it again. Ram Dass is a presence for us all. Thanks. Inspirational. I miss his teachings and I end up going back to them.

Time again to look at them. Sometimes there are so many teachers and so many teachings that it's hard to stay with one. Like a good buffet.

Ram Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

Namaste all!

Barbra's picture

"Be Here Now,' as essential as bread. God continue to bless you Ram Dass.

grayfox5's picture

I haven't seen this one yet, but I plan to watch it soon. For all those having trouble with the video, you might try watching it on youtube. So far, I have found youtube versions of the movies presented here (just enter "Ram Dass" to find the entire movie and clips from it). I liked Buddha's Lost Children so much that I downloaded it from youtube and have watched it several times.

linlukpetersen's picture

Amazing and inspiring. . .I watched it with no problems. . .possibly because I kept it small screen. Gracias.

Michol's picture

When the tape quit on me—which it did about 4 times—I was able to get it going again by noting how far along the tape was, logging out of Tricycle, immediately logging in again, re-opening the video, dragging the slider to the place where the video had stopped and pressing the play arrow. It works again until the next stoppage. Then just repeat. Doesn't take long to do.

faith8's picture

I couldn't watch past 7 minutes either

beatrice's picture

Hi, I have decided to get the film from our library because the streaming was disruptive.
Could someone give me the title of the film in the festival that featured a monk and nun helping orphans. They journeyed on horses.
Namaste' to all.

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi Beatrice,
The film is called Buddha's Lost Children.
Emma Varvaloucas

Dot Luce's picture

Beautiful, tender Ram Dass, as lovable now as he was at three.

pilarlondres's picture

Please can you help...after 16 minutes the video comes to a standstill and it does not help to start over as it will again stop at the same place. I was able to see it once completely, but I so much wish to be able to see it again. Is it that it is programmed for only one viewing?

Danito's picture

I had the same problem. I switched my browser from Firefox back to explorer, and it streamed flawlessly.

Zoozyq's picture

I don't know that much about computer streaming, but I had no problem with my Mac Mini. When I watch films on my iPad, though, sometimes it wants to stop before it's over. Shutting it completely down and restarting helps...perhaps a buffer filling up. You might try that.

micko's picture

Blown away,an emotional roller coaster ride for my experiential self. Non-attachment in your face. Outstanding.