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Elemental tells the story of three individuals united by their deep connection with nature and driven to confront some of the most pressing ecological challenges of our time.

The film follows Rajendra Singh, an Indian government official gone rogue, on a 40-day pilgrimage down India’s once pristine Ganges river, now polluted and dying. Across the globe in northern Canada, Eriel Deranger mounts her own “David and Goliath” struggle against the world’s largest industrial development, the Tar Sands, an oil deposit larger than the state of Florida. And in Australia, inventor and entrepreneur Jay Harman searches for investors willing to risk millions on his conviction that nature’s own systems hold the key to our world’s ecological problems. 

Separated by continents yet sharing an unwavering commitment to protecting nature, the characters in this story are complex, flawed, postmodern heroes for whom stemming the tide of environmental destruction fades in and out of view – part mirage, part miracle.


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Elemental was a wonderful film - the cinematography as well as the story. The passionate sustained commitment of these three activists was wonderful to see. The global interweaving of their stories multiplies the impact of all they do to save our mother earth. Thanks, Tricycle, for sharing their optimistic and engaged faith with all of us.

Dot Luce's picture

Lovely, and hopeful.
Thanks you.

buddhasukha's picture

My heart fills with love for the individuals in this documentary and everyone else that works so passionately, so tirelessly for the environment, the planet, and all sentient beings! Thank you for helping heal our wounded Mother Earth! May you be blessed! You are a true inspiration!

bodhgaya323's picture

Thank you for sharing.
This brought awareness to myself as an individual to start thinking about respect for nature, conservation, giving back, and act responsively.'s picture

Thanks for nice movie. this is amazing!

suerkranz's picture

I am in awe of the perseverance that these three courageous, visionary people embody. Somehow, mind, heart and action were braided into something with enough strength to keep going, even when faced when opposition, resentment, scorn, and at times, painful rejection.

How to be awake enough to feel, think, and act in alignment with the largest of perspective...we can turn it around...

Thanks for this astonishingly beautiful and powerful window into what is possible.

koshin's picture

a learning for all beings
we have so much to do
to let nature lead all beings
nature will show all beings
blessed are the babies, the mothers, the pilgrims, the hermits

yes, in the moment
there is all, good, and bad
the situation is not the problem (s)
our relationship to the situation changes all

may airplane engines break the clouds
all beings need the outback, a global walkabout

many thanks

egaige's picture

Thank you for showing this film. It is difficult not to become discouraged and overwhelmed by the obstacles and power of corporations and government. The film is truly inspirational. I hope that it can be widely distributed and viewed.

meditatortoo's picture

Thanks to everyone involved in the making and bringing of this film to my attention, it is inspirational, I sincerely hope it will challenge me to be more aware of how I interrelate with mother earth ...

May we all be given strength to play the game fairly ... winning is not the be all and end all.

dalic's picture

Great movie! I have been to Bangalore in India and seen rivers choked with garbage, smog so thick one can't breathe... it's a country that has such wonderful people. I hope they can succeed in their endeavors to clean up their beautiful river Ganga. The tar sands issue is a scary one. The thought of that pipeline going over our Ogalalla aquifer is terrifying. Why must we give so much and risk so much for this oil?

ekoangel's picture

A beautifully made film with great impact..I felt very moved and tender while watching it. Grateful to the filmmaker and the people active in the film on our behalf.

mpuenteduany's picture

Three amazing and inspiring people. Thank you so much for making this film, and Tricycle for showing it.

jackelope65's picture

I worked in Woburn Mass when multiple children developed leukemia. It was eventually linked to illegal dumping of waste from a tanning factory. A law firm went broke trying to fight it. Finally a larger law firm was successful. Do these tycoons think that, somehow, that their own descendants will be spared, that their own attachments to wealth, greed, and power will spare them?

bluesman13's picture

I think this case was made into a movie with John Travolta and Robert Duvall called "A Civil Action"?