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3 Ways to Donate!

1) By mail: Mail your check, made payable to Tricycle, to:


92 Vandam St.
New York, NY 10013

Attention snail mail fans!  Donations postmarked September 30

will count toward the challenge!

2) By phone: To make a credit card donation by phone, call Development Assistant Alison Spiegel at 212-645-1143

3) Online: Click here to make a secure online donation through the Tricycle store.


September 30, 2008 Deadline

We're close to reaching our goal.

Won't you help by contributing today?

Dear Friend,

What do you do when opportunity knocks? At Tricycle, we've been
presented with a terrific opportunity⎯and we hope you'll join us in
welcoming it.

One of our major donors ⎯someone like you, who looks forward each
quarter to reading the substantive, inspiring, and stimulating content
that Tricycle brings to her mailbox ⎯ has offered a challenge grant.
For every three dollars we raise between now and September 30, 2008,
she will contribute one dollar, up to $50,000. That means a $30
contribution from you will bring Tricycle $40, and a $300 contribution
will bring us $400. Our goal is to raise $150,000 from you and your
fellow readers, enabling Tricycle to receive $200,000 in total.

We know it's a tough economy right now. So why should you donate to
Tricycle? First of all, did you know that it costs $10 to produce every
copy of Tricycle, even though we charge only $6 per copy to subscribers
and $7.95 on the newsstands? Sure, advertising revenue makes up for
some of the difference. But because Tricycle, as a not-for-profit,
maintains a selective advertising policy, publishing ads only from
teachers, centers, and services that support your practice, our ad
revenue is far lower than it would be if we filled our pages with ads
that were not of service to you. We also make every effort to keep a
good portion of the magazine-nearly 50 or so pages each issue-entirely
free of ads.

Take a look at Tricycle. Pick out any copy from your bookshelf and
browse through it. If you agree that the articles, essays, and
teachings in Tricycle hold value for you and others who may be less
likely to afford it at higher prices, we ask for your help in meeting
the costs of publication by supporting this challenge grant.

In addition, there's Daily Dharma and other content from our website, Almost half of Tricycle's print subscribers also
subscribe to Daily Dharma. But as with the magazine, online advertising
revenues do not cover the cost of producing and updating our
content-rich website. Do you turn to our website for Daily Dharma,
teachings, and blog posts that help to sustain your practice between
issues of Tricycle? If so, we ask for your help in meeting the costs of
producing website content by supporting this challenge grant.

Finally, there is the issue of this tough economy and inflation. It has
been more than a decade since we've raised our subscription rates ⎯all
the while facing steadily-rising costs for postage, printing, paper,
ink, and other production expenses. As a non-profit organization, we
look to you, our readers and donors, to help us meet those rising costs
through tax-deductible donations.

So what do you do when opportunity knocks? Through this generous
challenge grant from a leading donor, Tricycle now has an opportunity
to make your donation go 33% further.

If the wisdom and teachings you find in Tricycle magazine and on the
website are meaningful to you, we ask that you please consider a
donation⎯or perhaps an additional donation on top of what you have
already given us this year⎯by helping us meet this challenge. Please
send your check to us at Tricycle, 92 Vandam St., New York, NY 10013 or
for credit card donations, call Development Assistant Alison Spiegel at
212-645-1143, and join the growing community of Tricycle supporters who
value and cherish America's leading independent voice of Buddhism.

Yours in community,

James Shaheen
Editor & Publisher

PS: Remember, your tax-deductible contribution must be made on or
before September 30, 2008 to count toward the challenge grant. Please
act today!