• Eido Shimano Roshi and Zen Studies Society in the Times Paid Member

    Mark Oppenheimer covers the Eido Shimano Roshi story in The New York Times. He begins: Sooner or later, every traditional faith has to confront sexual impropriety by its spiritual leaders: extramarital sex, or sex with the wrong people (members of the congregation, minors) or, for supposedly celibate clergy, any sex at all. But there are great differences in how religions handle these transgressions. For Jews and many Protestants, it is the local congregation that decides what sins are too great to countenance, and what kind of discipline is needed. For Roman Catholics, a worldwide hierarchy decides, depending on reports from local representatives. And for Buddhists — well, the answer is not so clear. The root of the problem, some experts say, is that the teacher/student relationship in Buddhism has no obvious Western analogy. More »
  • The Haiku Corner Turns 5-7-5... Paid Member

    Kudos and congratulations to the biggest little discussion group on the Tricycle Community: the Haiku Corner, mindfully minded by our great good friend Gary Gach. Very soon (if it hasn't already) the Haiku Corner's discussion will reach its 575th page (that's nearly 7,000 posts)! Gary tells me that 5-7-5 means something in haiku-speak—who knows. You can visit the Tricycle Community here. You can go directly to the Haiku Corner here, but you need to be a member of the Tricycle Community in order to do that—it's easy to join, and free! Or—contribute your own haiku right here! Thanks again, Gary, and all the crazy wisdom haiku poets contributing to this dialogue! We're very happy you're spinning your sibilant syllables with us! More »
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    Press Release from Zen Studies Society - Updated Paid Member

    UPDATED: See second press release below. (See also these previous posts: Statement from Zen Studies Society, and Eido Shimano Roshi and Dai Bosatsu.) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Organization:  Zen Studies Society: Dai Bosatsu International Zendo in NY, Shobo-JI in NYC Contact: Joe (Soun) Dowling, Board President Phone: 646 704 3405 Email: joedwl@aol.com Pertinent Web site: http://www.daibosatsu.org/ethical.html Zen Studies Society Announces Ethics Investigation The Zen Studies Society (ZSS) recently revised and posted updated Guidelines for Ethical Behavior, including a grievance procedure, (www.daibosatsu.org/ethical.html).  Late in June of this year, a woman revealed that there was an i More »
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    More Inklings Paid Member

    We've written before about Dairyu Michael Wenger's wonderful Inklings from his blog of the same name. Here are some more for you, to brighten your August: Koan Solved: More »
  • Top Seven Challenges of Western Socially Engaged Buddhism Paid Member

    The following seven challenges were expressed by participants at the first major Symposium for Western Socially Engaged Buddhism taking place August 9-14, 2010.  The event is hosted by the Zen Peacemakers and you could check out detailed coverage of the Symposium at the Bearing Witness Blog. More »