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    Advice for Beginners on the Way Paid Member

    In the latest installment of Buddhism Now, the excellent UK-based Buddhist publication, Martine Batchelor translates Korean Son Master Chinul Sunim's "Advice for Monks who are Beginners on the Way." Some of the advice is quite valuable to students of all tradtions. But some of the advice, such as the days on which it is proper to wash one's underwear, will probably not serve laypeople very well. We'll let you judge for yourself! It begins: More »
  • Martine Batchelor reads from her new book, The Spirit of the Buddha Paid Member

    We're very pleased to present this video of Martine Batchelor reading from Chapter 2 of her new book, The Spirit of the Buddha. We will feature this book as a Book Club discussion in February. You can purchase The Spirit of the Buddha here. Formerly a nun in the Korean tradition of Zen Buddhism, Martine is the author of several books and is a frequent contributor to Tricycle. She led a Tricycle Retreat, "Break Your Addictive Patterns," in the summer of 2010, and lives in France with her husband Stephen. More »
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    Darlene Cohen Remembered Paid Member

    Zen teacher Darlene Cohen, known for teaching us all how to live joyfully even in the midst of chronic pain, has died at 68. David Chadwick writes about her final moments with husband, Tony, and son, Ethan, on cuke.com: Darlene Cohen, Su Rei Ken Po, Great Spirit Manifesting Dharma, died at 1:15 AM this morning. More »
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    Fleet Maull on Bearing Witness Rwanda Paid Member

    via the Peacemaker Institute youtube channel, Fleet Maull & Peter Cunningham discuss why someone would attend the Bearing Witness Rwanda Retreat. To help support the second Bearing Witness Rwanda Retreat (April 10 - 15, 2011), click here. Click here to read Tricycle's interview with Fleet from our Spring 2004 issue. More »
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    Sweetcake Enso comes to New York City's Village Zendo Paid Member

    Sweetcake Enso, the traveling art exhibit, is coming to New York City's Village Zendo this weekend, Saturday January 15th. The exhibition begins at 11 AM and a panel discussion will follow at 7 PM. The panel discussion will include: More »
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    Zen teachers respond to Eido Shimano Paid Member

    This blog is no stranger to the uproar over Zen Studies Society and Eido Shimano. Today we continue to bring you this narrative by referring you to Monkey Mind, James Ford's blog, which collects letters from Zen teachers on the subject. More »